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You cannot always carry or open a dictionary. Burmese-English, English-Burmese practical dictionary designed to help English-speaking people communicate in Burmese. Free-of-charge German Dictionary A free word list of contemporary German, for spell checking and other purposes.

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  • Pocket English dictionary Speak Text Translation Trano Instructor, no need to connect to the web..... Extensible - 80+ Deluxe Spreadable Spoken Translators D-11, T-11, T-22, TRANO 4 in 1 models: - Burmese[Myanmar] x English e-Dictionary, - Burmese[Myanmar] x English Text Interpreter, - Burmese[Myanmar] x English Spoken Dictionary, - Oxford English x English Dictionary....

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English - Myanmar (Burmese) dictionary. It works off-line, the searching is very quick and the program has on-line functions. The dictionary repository is loaded the first you run the program. You must log in to gain entry to the on-line functions. Convivial! Properties of the application:

  • Online vocabulary. - A new article is added to the sandpit. The user will be voting for your item. The uploaded item will be added to the masterbase. There are advertisements in this app.

Free-of-charge English-Burmese dictionary and translators

Myanmar is the local tongue of Burma, where 32 million native speakers speak it. They use the Myanmar alphabet, which is based on the Mon alphabet and finally on the Brahmi alphabet. Myanmar is part of the Tibeto-Burman group, which is part of the Chinese-Tibetan group. Get our free dictionary (for Windows or Android) and rummage through the Burmese-English and English-Burmese list.

For more information about the functions click here or click below to get the programme. There is also an on-line edition so you can search the dictionary without having to load it. Get our free dictionary for Android! Search the word lists, search for words and practise your own words at your own pace.

There is also an on-line edition so you can search the dictionary without having to download it. The dictionary was created by Renato B. Figueiredo. Myanmar provides classes for beginner and advanced students, incl. scripting.

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