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On-line Hakka English and English Hakka dictionaries, words and phrases translation.> This is English Hakka Chinese dictionary and Hakka Chinese English dictionary.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently discontinuing a new translation work. You will find the following details: What Linguistics needs: If you are available, please submit your resume. We would like to know your general price per words in US dollars. Remember that the more competitive this will be, the more work we can do.

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With fluency in Hakka and English, technical terms, current sentences and the language of both, our contract interpreters help to ensure that the original text is translated well. The provision of Hakka translation services to our clients is an advantage for all industries: Hakka offers translation services from New York to Hawaii for various sectors including:

Communicating the value of products to the Hakka stores through the use of translation of promotional material, user guides, labelling, product packages and corporate web sites. Inform pupils and educators about schools and colleges with localized timetables, enrollment information, timetables and more. Educate people with a restricted knowledge of English about their state of mind or the healthcare of a beloved person with Hakka translation services for prescriptions, clinical notes, research reports and facilities booklets.

Providing local transport information and timetables as well as application and application materials needed to adapt to the US population. Litigation and litigation often requires the translation of agreements, clinical documentation and other documentation to help lawyers get ready for litigation, deposition and customer meetings. Our Hakka translation services are available in . document, . documentation, . ppt, xt, . text, . xlx, and more.

What is the duration of the translation? Every single workingday we accept large quantities of translation orders. Quotations are calculated on the number of words to be converted and the number of pages in a page. If I need a sworn translation, what if I need a sworn one? Hakka offers both professional and sworn Hakka translation services.

Sworn translation of documents for law and medicine is available on demand. One of the most important goals of Hakka is to provide health care and facilitate communications between Hakka clients and their physicians. In order to guarantee high standards of accessibility and clear communications between physician and interpreter, our Hakka professional staff are given professional education and HIPAA specialist Hakka translator s/interpreters are given HIPAA specialist technical and clinical vocabulary schooling.

Hakka's precise and succinct explanation of complicated medicinal conceptions guarantees an exact Hakka translation by physicians and a thorough comprehension of the client. They are prepared to offer Hakka's outstanding translation and interpreting service, from forms for hospital trials, inform consent, interviews with clients, procedural clarifications to prescriptions. Juridical linguistic service requires special skills and experiences.

Most of our Hakka freelance linguists and translaters specialise in the fields of law. Language and culture competence in translation and interpreting is crucial to ensuring equity and openness in the judicial procedure. Contacting IU for high value Hakka law translations and interpreting work.

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