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English-Russian translation for'chin' in the free English-Russian dictionary and many other Russian translations. Enquire for interpreters, translators/interpreters, English teachers and more! Italians translation English And he selects which hinge he wants to move with these chinstops. And Jesse selects the articulations he wants to move with the buttons. EnglishIt's also a little chin barb here with a bluish fluorescent bait on them that they can use to pull booty off a long way.

DeutschAnd I came in a half hr before so I could have it put on and kind of get used to it, and they got it twisted so it won't hit my chin. Just put it in English, if I don't hit you on the chin, hit me on the chin.

Unfortunately, Russian leaders seem to regard relations with third countries as a game without winners: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

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Which is the English name for semiforo? Which is the name of the city? Which is the English name for Rotary Agenda? Which is the English name for vale? Which is the English name for predera? Which is the English word for subterraneo? Which is the English word for acid? So what's the name of the highway in Spain?

Which is the name of the game? Which is the English name for Disierto?

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In response to the high level of interest in Chin translation service, we are now opening translation service. It is the first and only on-line translation service for Chin-speaks. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any translation you need for the Chin world. Chinese langauges are used in the Chin state of Myanmar (Burma), a land under army domination.

Our translation service is: There have been many questions about Chin translation lately. Get in touch with us for all Chin translation jobs, now! While there are many translation agencies around the globe, there are no native Chinese-speaking people. Therefore, these translation service providers/companies often approach me on the base of subcontracts.

So I thought that clients could skimp if they contacted me directly and had their translation done by me. They, too, make mother-tongue translators work for them. As Chin itself is not a sole foreign tongue, our service includes the most important Chin langauges or vernaculars. Where can you reach us?

Please use our online enquiry system. Name your original tongue and the one into which you want to translate - e.g. English to Tedim Chin, Haka Chin or Falam Chin or the other. Please also specify the file type in which you would like the translation to e.g. MS Word, PDF or text. Get in touch with us for all Chin translation services, now!

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