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At the moment we have translation support for English to Chin Hakha, Chin Hakha to English and a PDF for Chin Falam. ANNOUNCER: Van Bik, D, English-Chin dictionary, CACC, Hakha, Chin State. Chin/Zomi Myanmar Online Dictionary features Zolai, Tedim, Burmese, Hakha, Laimi, Laizo/Falam languages.

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Kouak zu nga, ha al hanga mawa, a pa na si hanga mawa? Don't be angry with me: Aungah to Thin Hengh. Don't go yet: He knows English: Dirang get in a holeh. Ga-laws. Whoa ka Khavpongai. Kaelung aa lawyermnaite. /Ra llaw aa lawawmnga.

A sprout? Zaangfahak in sprout loudly. Thuan ah ra kom tua. Zangfahnack in Sanka was hanging there. It' a young chilga. Kaw parngah tuah. Kawiang ah ra thiu tue. Do you like this meal? Hi crudel hi na duh lo me? Their meal is delicious: Na crudel a thau.

Chin Hakha dictionary and Chin Haka to English online translations by David Van Bik

These are taken from one of the few English/Haka Chin dictionaries by David Van Bik. Many thanks to the Van Biks for their work in Myanmar/Burma and the translation of the Haka-Chin lang. At the moment this online chin dictionary only support Haka (Hakha). chin-dictionary.com is 6 years and 6 mo.

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Pages 2 and 3: sudden - (adj.) knulrang, duo; e. Pages 10 and 11: fish tank - (n.) zga zatnak tiles, pages 52 and 53: pages 54 and 55: pages 56 and 57: pages 58 and 59: pages 60 and 61: pages 62 and 63: pages 64 and 65: pages 66 and 67:

Pages 244 and 245: Rock - (from) Lungs in Ceh; A Rock' Pages 246 and 247: Pages 248 and 249: Pages 294 and 295: WIZED - (adj.) ARMI, A CARDI, pages 296 and 297: WRESTLES - (v.) I WESTLES - (n. page 298:

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