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Hakha Chin Myanmar Dictionary Offline Free (English Hakha Chin Burma Dictionary Offline Free): Test Android & iPhone App for free. PDF Download Dictionary | Chin (Hakha) Dictionary You can download the entire Chin (Hakha) dictionary to your computer or mobile to view and print out. U laws ng a lo in muah na tua mi hi Kan mi A euch kamenh tu ah ah a si ko la tiah rah channel ngak nanpi in kar ba kal da dunghte.

First, a million thanks to the individuals (volunteers) who made this website available. Naimi nih heik can not get new blood in his mouth, tuzaan laws ah kamh mu i ka llung awiz. Can I download this dictionary to my iPhone? I' d like to buy a Chinese-English dictionary & friendly consultation where I can buy in Yangon, Myanmar.

This is the biggest and most comprehensive Chin Hakha dictionary. I' m not sure if they deliver to Myanmar or if the postal services in Yangon are dependable. Where to buy the little blue/green pocket book of Dr. David Van Bik in Myanmar. The #2 is to click on the first page of our dictionary on the right: the first page:

The Dictionary Desktop Application for Windows, so that you can see our dictionary on your computer without an active browser access. Optional #3 http://laitechforu.blogspot. com/ You can download the dictionary application to your smartphone, etc. Originally sample phrases have been appended to several words so that the users can see more English words in their phrase contexts.

Ms. Peggy is hoping that the amount of work she has put into copy and paste phrases into appropriate words will help Burmese Chin around the globe better learn English. Did you know if there are any chin maps added to Google to compile? I' m an arts instructor and even with a dictionary I don't always interpret the words properly.

Like, my pupils have a sketch to help me visualize a track they selected, but when I used the dictionary, they were drawing images of memos. Doubtful that Chin Hakha will be added to Google Translation because there aren't that many voices in this world. This was the work of charity of several hard-working men.

It' s astonishing to be able to help the Chinese in Australia, Europe and Asia. Do Ipad ti bank ah kHzhawhnak thing in na kan tua piaak kHzhnga mA? Thanks for this ressource - I have just started to teach English to an adult Chin Hakha refugee in Australia and this website will be very useful!

I' m working with several Chinese fugitive family. I' m in urgent need of some sentences, which will be interpreted into Chin if possible. Sentences I have to translate are: I' ve got some form that we use with all our family to identify the strengths/needs I would like to have in Chin if possible.

Please awareness people to electronic communication me at iamdizzie@ gmail.com if you would be choice to activity. Tinnitus chinect. So I see that I can download a dictionary. I' m looking for useful supplements to this dictionary.

Thanks for this dictionary! A young woman speaking Chin Hakha will be coming into my house in a few short time. That dictionary will help me talk to her. I' ve got other fugitives in my house whose languages are so unclear that there is no dictionary.

I' m going to download this to her cell so she can have the tool as well. Hakha dictionary. I like it. Dear C. Bawi Ceu Mang BAWIPA tu neih an hmang chin ko see. No, no, no, no. I' m sorry. I' m sorry. I can't go.

Tlacam bak in can rk baym ve la ka zam piaak chin reih mailei ah hi ng tiltha chinchin Ram le Miphun approxah reian tua taah chhawhna. You can' t see BAWIPA in hmang chin ko. Thanks for this dictionary! These dictionaries are urgently needed and my husband and I have been assisting displaced people for many years.

We' ve been trying to buy one of Dr. David Van Bik's works for a long while, but it's very difficult to buy it in the US. Lind, Denmark, graduated in the Chin lingua franca and teaches Danish English as well. Googles will be translating this page into English, but it will not be a good one.

They can get some comprehension of Chin Hakha Grammar. http://hobugt.dk/ordbog/artikler/language. htm Johs. has posted this listing of available Chinese Hakha related tech documents if you have the timeframe to do so. There are also quoted essays by Roland Siang Nawl, M. Div. who now lives in Melbourne, Australia and writes the first Chin-grammmar.

I' ve been working with Chinese every day in Dallas for two years, and I have to study what I can do. Kaw hh ka tao ah ah ah athamtling in nana ka tauah i ah ka thuah paak i ka ta am ka ta ta ka ta ka na ka lawk hna ta ka ta ka lawmh na ka ta ka ta ka chim ca ka kawk hi ka ca ka ta nah ta u ka tua ka ta ka ah thluachuah naka in pe chin ko ka see ka llawmta.

So thank you for making this dictionary. There are no hard copy glossaries for sales. We' ve got the downloadable and offline version of the document. The dictionary can be downloaded to your computer as a program (Windows App) or as a downloadable document (PDF files can be viewed in many types of electronics - Mobile, Windows, Mac(Apple)).

Please contact your municipality for the original Van Bik dictionary. The Hakha dictionary can be found in PDF in na tlah mi kiss i kiss legalm tu Bawipa tu non tu tahluachuah in pe ko. and I really needed the Hakha dictionary and found this PDF, thanks.

Awwww! No thluachuaah in pe chin ko see! Thanks for your dear and gratefulness for our people....it's very beautiful, could you just mail me the offer of GTC for this dictionary, thank you. Download PDF files in, na duh ah chun Download PDF bo ha ah a a kowlap ning pa in na computer in na computer khaah kahwh, English to Chin legalng a um reih, Program files, Dictionary App for Windows, ti mi wawn ah khan download na tuah oh art, na computer ah internat lo aong in h man kinahwh a si.

Deutsch Chin lawng a um reih. You could mail me this dictionary to my email. If you could, I would be greatly esteemed.

I' ve probably learned 100 words in Chin Yakha. Oh, I like this dictionary. Rev. Dr. David Van Bik Dictionary a hanhunh tu nanaccung ah kai lawm. ah. 21th c. cu, Digital di a si caa, dauk h man cu a thiawm chin chin ko la. Many thanks to the contributor/distributor for the distribution of Rev. Dr. David Van Bik Dictionary.

It will be the most needed and it will be a legacy for the Lai (Chin) population. Thortha tuah Cu mirhnak a si'. Thank you for volunteering to help the Chin Hakha study more English! Also I want Hakha Chin dictionary. Hello Chris, it's great that you have contacts with Chin's who speak good English.

What about asking one of them to compile the commentaries posted in Chin (with the answer option). It is very useful for me and will be useful for every chin that knows and reads Hakha's words. Thank you to our dad Dr. David Van Bik and his wife and daughter.

To improve English grammar I suggest http://www.youtube. com English lessons video. Many good English tutors produce free English instructional video to help English students around the globe. Comments above said, please, we need Chin-English Dictionary. Duhceu, we've been working on the Chin English dictionary for a whole month. Duhceu!

Whoa, that' great. We really need that Chin English dictionary. Ceu Duh, can hnnu thila wwng in Chin- English Dictionary (lai michang dictionary) cu tuah can thawk mayg. He complements the Chin to English dictionary from his own Chin-English-Danish and another from the Van Bik series. This 2 smaller ones result in a bigger, better Chin to English Dictionary.

Lindnih Chin - English dictionary cu a mah ta Chin-English-Danish le Van Bik te kung te he a tua lio is. The dictionary a fla mi 2 faceh in a ng German mi le a www. chin-english dictionary cu a achuah chhawh ko lo. Mr. Lindi hi khuaruahhar (mi?ha), dil hat a taah mi a si kaah sow naw cu a rou reih rai mai.

Meanwhile, it will be possible to use a Chinese-English dictionary at http://hobugt.dk. There' s a Chin -English shortcut. When you click on it, try to see if the dictionary can be used. ah cu ka website http://hobugt. dk i linke Chin-English ah hin h man whawh a si co la.

Many thanks for creating this dictionary as a downloadable download. To give more accessibility to the isolated areas of Myanmar. When you' re referring to the possibility of the dictionary being accessed by those in outlying areas like Myanmar while they're not online, all they need to do is download the downloaded document to their computers.

After that, they will have a permanent copy of the whole Chin (Hakha) dictionary. You think they now know they can store the PDF on their computer? If you are using the PDF file, it might help you in the off-line environment, but searching for a particular dictionary term in PDF will be a little problem.

When we can have these dictionaries in app, it will be much simpler for most of us. Don't get me wrong, I' m even trying to create this Chin (Hakha) dictionary myself, but I can't complete my own, because I have to look at the text and I have to type on my computer.

and if I say something bad, please excuse me. For my English when I'm still studying English. I' ll be in touch as soon as I have my comment in English. Right now my script is commentry in Chin.

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