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Burmese comes to Google Translate - Fifty Viss Today the Google Translate blogs officially released 10 new Google Translate translations, including Burmese: In India and Southeast Asia, we are including Malayalam, Myanmar, Sinhala and Sundanese. It also highlights the translation challenge of Burmese and quotes Burmese language and script coding (ahem, Zawgyi):

Burmese (Burmese, ????????) is the country of Myanmar with 33 million nationalities. The Myanmar locale has long been in the works as it is a demanding machine translating locale, both in terms of linguistic structures and character-coding. Although our system supports various Myanmar input, we promote the use of open-standard Myanmar and therefore only issue Myanmar Unicode versions.

Thrilling newsworthy, to say the least, because Burmese is the last of the most important South East Asiatic language recorded as a sponsored language - Tagalog was recorded in one of the first phases, namely Indian and Vietnamese in 2008, Thai and Thai and Thai in 2009, Laos in 2012 and Khmer in 2013.

Still I haven't been able to make a really strange or funny rendering, so I'm refreshed. The Burmese language is a subject-object verse (SOV) as opposed to English, so I can see how the phrase can be shaken off entirely when phrases are converted into English. translate basic phrases (Burmese to English, English to Burmese) to create readable, almost accurate language versions, at most a few words less.

Translating more complicated phrases is still remarkable when you consider that the contents and the essentials are the same. There will be a further improvement in translating ability. As an example, I translate this section from a Burmese newspaper piece (in Burmese slang): Googles Translate translates this as:

An exact rendering would be: Two Burmese citizens and one New Zealand citizen were detained and the place was provisionally shut down, said Bahan Township Policy Station policeman Thein Win, in charge of the shop's operations, to journalists. It also seems Google Translate has no problem to translate literary/formal Burmese.

I can see how it can be simpler to translate Burmese formally, because phrases are more of a formula, but also quite long and confused. Genuine Burmese text: Translate Google: More precise translation: Unfortunately, Google Translate is stumbling across Burmese Romanisation. Weird romanticizing system used by Google Translate looks like a mix of Burglar and scientific translational frameworks (used by English-speaking universities).

As I see it, Google Translate's romanisation system tries to do too much: both to reproduce speech and to maintain orthographical accuracy. A Burmese phrase "Iove you very much much" (??????????????????????), for example, is transferred to the strange mother tongue ko arabhkyittaal. Not here or there - but on the other hand it is very hard to understand both Burmese language pronunciations and orthography in the Latin Aphabet.

A few comparison to the "predominant" romanisation system for Burmese: The unit requires at least Unicode for Burmese (Windows 8+, Android 4. 4+, etc.) to display correct spell. I' ve looked in my Nexus 5's Google Translate application, and Burmese is shown as a default target langua.

The text compilation works just like on the computer: The Google Translate website also offers Burmese support: Google Translate 2 offers variations of the most common Burmese keyboards for people without Burmese entry methods: It is interesting that Google Translate seems to translate Zawgyi coded text, although Burmese is always translated into Unicode.

So I took a title from a paper and put it in as Zawgyi and Unicode, and the final translated was the same: take Google Translate for a jaunt at translate.google.com and try some Burmese language versions! P.S. There is also the possibility "Improve this translation".

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