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Myanmar to English translation Google Translation Passage. Ten non-Google Translate added and where to find them. While there are many non-Google translations, they are prone to be at the smaller end. Googles Translate now has 103 different recipes and very few applications can possibly expect to be able to compete with it. Compiled by Microsoft and Yandex.

Translates have succeeded in adding indigenous US and US language that Google does not have.

Some from India, China and South Africa have not reached Google, but other gamers - big and small - have. These are ten of Google's not yet added to Google Translate and where you can find them. Whether you believe it or not, Google has failed to catch Myanmar's primary target tongue, but not one company: Appleslate.

Of those, May could be in the Apple Store because Google Plays only recorded 5 million data sets. Myanmar has about 33 million native-speaking people, a relatively large populace, but hardly anywhere near the top of the global community. In spite of an impressing endeavor, this non-speaker noted that the English terminology in the ITT ranslate Burmese Storage House is missing (the Jewish example is much simpler).

Russia's response to Google, Yandex is a quest and Moscow City. They, too, have been spending a lot of their own open translating tools focusing on in-depth teaching methods and technologies similar to Google Translate's new neuronal, network-based zero-shot translating. This are three of the Yandex language is currently conducting betatests, which Google does not have to their own system (four if you use the accent Hill Mari).

This' yes man!' emphasis of Jamaican English is one of a kind among the vernacular, but some folks point out that it can be almost unbearable for some English speaking persons to comprehend it. When one reaches the point where two vernaculars within a speech are "mutually incomprehensible" (as with spokespersons of one of the two vernaculars cannot fully grasp the other), then one is actually confronted with a completely separated one.

This is the case with Patois (Patwah), or what some Linguistics scholars call Jamaica-Creole. It is hardly a standardised programming method, but the abundance of on-line discussions gives Patwah spokespersons many possibilities to standardise orthography. That' where and jamaicanize.com and jamaicanpatwah.com come in manageable as web-portals to translate English and Patwah in both directions.

Aka Tswana, this South Africa native has nearly 5 million native English speaking people between Botswana and South Africa. It is a underserved speech that needs serious consideration for automatic translations. It is often lacking in the mixture that "Chinese", as most English-speaking people know, is better called "Mandarin Chinese", and it is by no means the only real tongue in China.

Cantonese is Hong Kong's primary foreign tongue and has ten million native English-speaking people, over and above the approximately 8 million inhabitants of the city. Just named "??" or "Dialect", this Android application is a " literal translation tool " (according to Google Translation, ironically) and translates writing and even speaking samples of Shanghai (a type of Wu used in the Shanghai region), Cantonese and Min Chinese.

There is also information about the dialect and not about the probably unique language like the south-western Mandarin (a.k.a. Sichuanese, in the province of Sichuan and Chongqing) and Shenyang Mandarin (among other northeast varieties).

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