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The Myanmar Conference is co-organised by Denmark at the highest level. Includes information about Myanmar in English and Chinese. Here you will find a list of the most important newspapers from Myanmar. They are the most widely read newspapers in Myanmar and are updated daily. "An influential Chinese newspaper wrote on Monday that "extreme" groups in the country and has done extreme damage to joint investment projects.

First in Myanmar

Myanmar's first known messenger was Shin Ditha Par Mauk, a Buddhist friar who went to the Kublai Khan residence during the rule of Tarouk Pyay Min (Narasihapatai), Bagan. There' still an epigraph indicating that. Myanmar's first European envoy, U Kaung, went to England, France and Italy during the Myanmarian industrial upheaval under King Mindon's rule.

In 1905 the first car was brought to Myanmar and used there. The number of automobiles registered in Myanmar after World War I was twice as high as in 1559. King Dhamazedi conducted the first people' s enumeration (The Household Census) during his rule of 1472-92. "The Globe Cinema" is supposed to be the first theater in Yangon.

Dr. Judson, an English-Myanmar dictionary writer, was the first mission. Ecclesiastes Dr. Judson and his spouse came together from the United States to Myanmar. The Judson (Yu-da-than, as in Myanmar ) was constructed in remembrance of Dr. Judson and his work.

Myanmar's first computer ever used was IBM's PDB-11 motherboard, with which software engineers had to use punched boards to store applications, not floppy disk. See Internet access in Myanmar. For the first year in Myanmar's story, in 1907, electric light posts were installed along the roadsides, according to our notes.

Myanmar's first fictional print was "Maung Yin Maung and Ma Mae Ma" by James Hla Kyaw, released in early 1900. The Myanmar computer speech software for use on machines has been tried by many: However, creating a speech script on a Wysiwy (What You See Is What You Get) GUI setting was overpowering.

The use of handwriting and Microsoft Windows and a number of commercial apps alone has increased computerisation in the inland. This one typeface allows the user to do many things in the community language: text editing, spreadsheets, design, databases (although limited), etc. They even canceled a big paper machine introduction in Myanmar!

Myanmar's first typeface for Macintosh was designed in 1988 by typeface design experts led by the renowned Myanmar professor John Okell, UK. The French Bishop Bigandet ordered Myanmar's first machine at the age of King Mindon. This was one of over 50 of King Mindon's own revolutionist plants.

In fact, 2 presses were in operation at the same one. Situated in the northern garden of Mandalay Palace, this was the first machine to go into operation. During ME-1240, King Theepaw transferred the presses from the North Garden to the eastern side of the palace. You can find more information about films about Myanmar in the Films section.

This was the stony writing of King Kyansitthar "Maha Nibban Letswe Chi Ye". On 15 August 1873 King Mindon passed a 17 article bill and founded this paper. Myanmar's first oil exploration and production line was constructed in 1907-08 and connects Yaynanchaung with Thanlyin (Syrium). Myanmar's first Myanmar Princess was the Waytharly Kuwerami.

Phwar Saw (1454-72 AD) was also recognised as the first Myanmar Princess because some scholars believe that notes of King Waytharly's reign were legend. The Myazedi inscriptions, also known as Yarza Komer inscriptions, were inscribed in 4 languages: Myanmar, Mon, Pali and Pyu on 4 sides of a rock.

It was a child of König Kyatsitthar, who had the legal right to become heir to the Königs, but the Vater König Kyansitthar did not know that he had a Sohn, until he had coronated his grandchild (the Sohn of his daughter). At the time her mom passed away, he gave all her jewellery to her mom and 4 towns by making a myazedi and engraving the following inscriptions.

Summarizing the engraving, Prince Yarza Komer gave all this in remembrance of his father and mother, and when someone tried to ruin his gift, he would curse that this individual would have no opportunity to see the next Buddha to come. These yards were managed by French and Myanmar engineering staff.

Myanmar's teak must have been very beneficial. These were half the cost of vessels of the same dimensions constructed in Bombay and two thirds of those constructed in Bangal. The same record shows that 107 vessels were constructed within 25 years (1786-1821). In 1784, King Bodawpaya (1740-1819) conducted the first great economical investigation of the whole empire.

Shortly after the Brits took over Myanmar at the end of the 19th century, the UK Indian authorities conducted a poll in Myanmar, most likely in Mandalay, and found that 72% were men and 22% women. Myanmar's first phone system was set up in 1884.

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