English Newspaper in Burma

British newspaper in Burma

In the old cultural zone of Bagan, the number of days tourists can spend has been reduced from five to three. Burma's views on reporting and the United Nations' sustainable development goals. English to Burma / Burmese to English translation service. Myanmar Net News - Edit. VOA Learning English is what it is.

Publication of the privately held sectors under censure limitations.

Except for "The Myanmar Times", the weeklies are not recorded and actualized seperately, but within the yearbook. Archives Abschnitte von "The Myanmar Times" - National News, Regional News, Business, Lifestyle, Sport, Opinion, Special Features, Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay und Upper Myanmar, Property News, Technology, Travel, Dining. die meisten von Februar 2011.

N.B. Not all chapters were available at the date of arrival, and some were not Myanmar-specific and were not used]....Many of the 2000-2010 editions can be found in the archive by years, below. Several editions were not put on line or put on-line and then removed. "This week-long magazine is available in English and Burmese.

As the English and Myanmar version are different in shape and (partly) contents, we handle them as seperate doc. Although the magazine is issued once a week, the (English) archives are created once a month. The Myanmar Partners Think Tank Group, established in 1995 to edit Living Color Business Magazine.

In September 2004, Myanmar Partners established another weeklong newspaper, The VoiceWeek. In June 2005, Myanmar Partners established another daily newspaper, Khit Myanmar Only.

Myanmar sees a reappearance of personal papers

For the first in almost 50 years, Burma is ending a state conopoly on the sale of personal dailies. Up until recently, Burmese reporter have been confronted with some of the toughest constraints in the game. The papers that violated the regulations were closed. Obstacles' Last August, the goverment told policymakers that they no longer had to routine present their work to state censorship before it was published.

In December, it announces that it will be possible to launch personal papers from 1 April. "There are some obstacles along the way," Khin Maung Lay, the 81-year-old publisher of Golden Fresh Land, said to the Associated Press. There are three other papers: The Voice, The Union and The Standard Time. "Shortly after her arrival, The Voice Daily was full, although I ordered twice as much as other papers.

For the first reading, Phyu Phyu, a salesman, said to the AFP press office, "People want to start reading personal dailies. This voice brought an updated on the state of the West Rakhine state, which experienced fatal worship conflicts last year. Last weekend, Standard Times discussed the violent actions of majoritarian Buddhists against Muslims in mainland Burma.

The National League for Democracy's Aung San Suu Kyi faction will begin to print its own newspaper later this week.

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