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We' re here to help you understand English better. All students can now read and listen to messages. A number of newspapers in languages other than English are published in the UK for immigrants and expatriates. Broadsheet newspaper in Mumbai, India. Subjects for those who want to practice or improve their English & are interested in entertainment, celebrities, sports, fashion, news and technology.

English-language news and simple English language student reports

You can quickly enhance your literacy and hearing abilities by hearing and studying two papers a week. You' re quick to study and don't have to go on translating into your own tongue after a while. You' ll just get it. If you are hearing in your mother tongue, do not interpret.

They just get it. Same must be in English. If you are learning English, you have to study the whole phrases in their entirety in context. Language translation and testing are very good in translation, practice and testing, but they have difficulty comprehending English in everyday use.

No one in reality is waiting for your translations. They usually use basic English when they talk, but they use it quickly. They must be able to comprehend without being translated into their mother tongue. When translating, you cannot be part of the conversation because you think too much about the foreign tongue.

Those words may be difficult to comprehend, but they are real. Therefore, we use the same words in a layer. When you keep reading and hearing the same words, you will be able to recognize and recall them. When you know words from a layer, you can go to a higher layer and get to know new words.

It' important to go little by little and hear and hear words that are often used in English. That'?s what we do with our news. We use words that are often used in English in our Newsflash. Levels 1 has the 1000 most important words. Stage 2 has the 2000 most important words, stage 3 the 3000 most important words.

So if you want to quickly comprehend English and quickly study, please see two or more posts per days. Quickly enhance your ability to listen and listen by simply viewing English messages. We' re here to help you quickly and easily study and understanding English. If you use this website daily, you can study 3000 words you need to communicate with everyone in English.

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