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On Monday, the federal administration proclaimed six institutions, among them the IIT Delhi and the recently founded Jio Institute, as "Institutes of Eminence". The Kerala police have made a recommendation to the general population not to make phone numbers starting with +5 and +4, as they appear suspect.

Buildings under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY) in Madhya Pradesh have tiled with the image of PM Narendra Modi and CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. After a governmental decision there will be two such 450x600 mm ceramic tiling in each building, one tiled on the front door and the other in the opener.

Penjab CM captain Amarinder Singh on Monday said goverment officials found positive in the doping test would not be dismissed or penalized and would instead be provided treatment. Therefore, the authorities will not be able to provide drugs. Also the identities of these staff members are treated confidentially. As of the date of recruiting, the CM had ordered a compulsory doping test for all staff of the state administration, as well as policemen.

Class 10 Bihar girls reportedly raped by 18 peole inclusively her school's principals, has alleged that she was early violated by the principal's little boy. Vistara informed the passenger that the plane was late due to "mandatory safety checks". Last months workers had to stop schooling their seven-year and ten-year-old kids for lack of funds.

As the 40-year-old worker's wife and daughter alleged that he worked for Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the cops said he worked for a construction company. One chef was sacked from a Rajasthan grammar schools for having thrown away lunch that had been touch by a student who was in a lower class, the headmaster said.

This was done after a videotape of the woman who told the story became virus. The 17-year-old woman from Murshidabad in West Bengal is said to have hung herself after her boyfriend published some of her personal photos on the Facebook website. Cops have arrested the 21-year-old man with whom the woman supposedly had a quarrel before.

He has not yet been detained, however, as the girl's relatives have not filed a deposition against him in writing. Up to 61 presumed perpetrators were detained by riot squad on Sunday evening, a high-ranking UP policeman said. Presumed perpetrators were detained from various parts of the Amethi quarter, the official added.

Above all, there are up to 14 policing posts in the area. "The 35-hectare plant, the world's biggest plant for portable production, was officially opened on Monday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Moon Jae-in of Korea. High Court has asked the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG) if it thinks it is God or a "super-government" and fined,000 for slackness.

The decision comes after the Environment Ministry informed the SC that it took MoPNG a long way to notify it of the prohibition on importing petroleum cokes, an industry gas. In the midst of rumors that BJP would try to pick up some PDP MLAs, former Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah called for the disbanding of the state meeting.

The remedy for these rumors of horse-trading, of the break-up of party politics over the forming of governments will be resolved..... "The centre said Monday in the Supreme Tribunal that it could stream lawsuits in the whole state. On Monday, the Supreme Tribunal ordered seven persons charged with rape and murder of an eight-year-old woman in Jammu and Kashmir's Kathua to be sent to Punjab prison in Gurdaspur.

She also instructed the Jammu and Kashmir governments to cover the travelling costs borne by the family during their visit to Gurdaspur. On Monday, Prime Minister Nitish Kumar said that the minister of the Union, Giriraj Singh, and the imprisoned Bayrang Dal militants were "unacceptable" by saying that his administration would not allow any attempt to disrupt the municipal unity in Bihar.

Mr Singh had encountered Bajrang Dal and VHP campaigners who were detained for supposedly causing community tensions during Ram Navami. CM Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy said on Monday that the state regime was established under "strange circumstances" and he "jaadu (magic) could not do to immediately bring about change". "He added that the governing Coalition will continue to exist and work well.

CM responded to several questions posed by an MLA, among them watering schemes and illicit gritmaking.

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