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You can download iAbidan and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Use our converter web service at. Myanmar English Dictionary 22 Free Download Myanmar English Dictionary - English dictionary for translating Myanmar into English with a full range of words. This dictionary also provides translations from English into Myanmar. You can use the copy of a term from the translator's translator's list to find a synonym and understanding the wider use of the English term in the Myanmar languages.

While there are no vocabularies or samples in the English dictionary, the use of the language translator provides a means to better comprehend English words in the Myanmar language without the need for them. Educational toys help to develop words with the help of flashcards, multichoice, spelling as well as wordmatching.

Playing the classical hangman-playing. A series of hyphens indicating the number of characters indicates the number of words to be guessed. When the proposed character appears in the words, it is shown in the right place. When the proposed character is not in the words, an item of the man he drew.

Play is over when the term is full, or the hanging is fully marked. Browse the story of words used in the matches and click on the playlist to see syonyms. After you have selected the noun below, choose the appropriate words from the drop-down menu and click Send.

Clear the Multiple Choice field, enter your response, and choose Submit. After you submit your response, tap any of the words in the play to see syonyms and other meaning for each of them. German Burmese Dictionary is a free piece of free English Burmese Dictionary from the Leisure section of the Home & Enjoy.

At the moment the application is available in English and was last modified on 05.01.2007. German Burmese Dictionary (version 22) can be found on our website.

This is the English Burmese Dictionary change log since it was published on our website on August 22, 2013. Added two new wordgames, which include the classical gallows man game, Text to speech included to take advantage of available free TTS votes, but full language assistance may be required to buy third-party software.

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