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Localize English to Myanmar (Burmese). Burmese/Myanmar English and English Burmese online dictionaries, words and phrases translation.> *FREE* shipping on qualified quotes. An extensive offline English dictionary for Myanmar.

A new drum dictionary of English phraseal verbs. The second part may make more sense to say it in English first in Burmese.

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Myanmar-English translator application with downloadable dictionary? I can' t get a Burmese-English dictionary on the Android Google Translator application, which does me no good in a platoon, coach, remote area, and so on. Is there anyone who can suggest an application with exact burmesian writing where the dictionary can be loaded down so that it can be used in non-internet areas?

I have the online translation tool on my computer, for Mozillafox, I don't know if they have a dictionary to download, but there are many others. Myanmar to Burma translation app with dictionary download? There' s over a dozen language translation programs in Google Play with the first one I download that won't work when I put the phones in plane state.

HOWEVER, Myanmar Dictionary by Shihab Uddin seems to translate further when the dictionary is loaded in plane language - not sure if it is the best / most usable to prevent misunderstandings, e.g. the words "train" or "bus" in English has several connotations. A Myanmar ex-pat once said that Burmese does not have many of the same terms that we have in English.

He said for the term "museum" that they just used the words "a place to look at pictures" instead of inventing a new term or using the words of the Englishman.......

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An extensive off-line Myanmar dictionary.

  • QL look function: Look up a term quickly by touching it on the definitions page. - Current words listed.

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None of the English words found. There are no Karen words found. Vocabulary Tips: In order to use the avatar keypad, open the shortcut, enter a text with your cursor, and then double-click in the Karen text area. It is the new betatevsion of the Drum Reference of the Sgaw Karen Language Database.

The aim is to provide a complete online resource that allows users to easily connect to a large number of Sgaw Karen resources from a web site. Karen's latest Karen database contains over 58,000 Karen voice records from the following sources: More than 30,900 keywords with over 65,400 different terms from the following resources are currently available in English:

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