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The fastest English-Myanmar dictionary on the Android market. - Shuffle, useful for learning new words. You can download Essential Software for Myanmar Language, English To Myanmar Dictionary, Zawgyi To Myanmar Unicode. Find out why there is a hilly village called Nant Lin Taung where English people live. My free English Myanmar Dictionary Apk Bayern com.

dictionary, my all newest and older versions (Neutron Neutrons rhea eclair) apk available.

German To Myanmar Dictionary

You cannot always keep a lexicon with you or open it. However, the online lexicon will always be with you, as the telephone is your next mate. Our lexicon works in OFFLINE modus. You can take this book anywhere on your phone if you don't have an Internet access.

  • Scrolling Index - allows you to search the whole glossary. - The fastest English-Myanmar lexicon on the Internet. - Ideal for pros, undergraduates, graduates and anyone who needs a complete and engaging English at work or at home.

English Myanmar (Burmese) Glossary

English - Myanmar (Burmese) translation glossary. It works off-line, the searching is very quick and the program has on-line functions. When you run the program for the first in a row, the program will download the glossary for you. You must log in to gain entry to the on-line functions. Convivial! Properties of the application:

  • Settings such as colour schemes. - Wordphrasing (online). - ADD A NEW ITEM - add a new item to the sandpit. The user will be voting for your item. The uploaded item will be added to the masterbase. There are advertisements in this app. Different adjustments e.g. colour schemes. Vocabulary (online). Add a new item.

Ornagai 2 on the App Store

Myanmar to Myanmar, Myanmar to English glossary. It is the best Myanmar lexicon I can find for the iPhone..... Unlike other Myanmar dictionaries, Ornagai2 UI is not really straightforward and searchable. I find the only scenery perspective more useful because it doesn't tip over all the times, even if I fail to block the display rotate.

Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock. Up to six members of the group can use this application.

App Store iAbidan

Ă€bidan is an English to Myanmar and Myanmar to English off-line indiction. It provides definitions with samples, terms, antonyms, phonetic and voice for iPhone, iPad and iPod device. It is a great tool for anyone who wants everything in one. ? Troubleshooting the iPhone tool bar freeze.

Embedding ? stock extensions - You can find the local stock options definitions while using another application. ? Integrate Shake to send feedbacks - you can jog your machine to provide them. I am happy to receive your comments and proposals to help me enhance iAbidan. It is a very useful vocabulary development tool for all students and it definitely solves any problems with complicated phrases that everyone needs and wants to know.

It' really comfortable to use and simple to look up meaning, syonyms and even anonyms. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

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