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SYSTRAN can be used for any free translation into English. The Chinese/English dictionary provides a searchable interface for the CEDICT dictionary, originally compiled by Paul Denisowksi. Browse in English, Mandarin Chinese or Pinyin. This is the indispensable tool for learning English / Chinese! In the Chinese-English dictionary, you can also enter words in English to find the Chinese translation.

Chinese-language glossary

Benefit from a free and unadvertised learning environment. Now, with million of trusted translation jobs, it's simpler than ever to discover new civilizations. Be it at college or college, you can improve your linguistic knowledge in an intelligent way. Start a web-based translation lookup and select the best one.

Here you will find gear ratios used by technicians for engineering parts. No matter what your area of expertise, you will always find the specialist's work.


Genuine Chinese-English and English-Chinese lexicons with over 200,000 words. Developed for fast exploring and comprehension of words: dictionary, vocabulary, sample phrases. It' Chinese signature recognition. When you click the paintbrush icon, you can type letters by dragging them in the right order. Animate the line sequence. As well as the keyword on each page that is rotated, you can track the proper line order within a frame and type the symbol with your hand or your keyboard, according to the type of equipment.

You can choose between simple or conventional signs. Chinese or pinyin wildcard (just type * instead of zero or more Chinese symbols or pinyin syllables). Integrates with Drawing Words and Ellmology. Simplify Chinese and Englisch on most modern webservers. Examples for the Chinese and British searching. Example page for Chinese or German searching.

use of the German wordbook

Simplify the Chinese language into German by entering a Chinese term in the text field above. It is also possible to enter words in German to find the Chinese language version in the Chinese-English glossary. If you select from the drop-down list, you can browse not only the Chinese-English glossary, but also other on-line directories.

There are several different filter available to help you find the Chinese translations in the Chinese-English glossary. Search for any Chinese to German translations directly in the Chinese on-line glossary. Select the appropriate pinyin sign below to see a listing of Chinese words beginning with that pinyin sign.

Once you have found the searched term, click on the reference to go to the Chinese-English glossary.

Contribute and validate a Chinese term or sentence by supporting it. When you believe that there is an error or imprecision, you can opt to remove it or suggest changes to the Chinese or German translations. There are always new ways of understanding words in Chinese or to translate Chinese sentences intoese.

Chinese to Inglese language versions can also differ, according to whether it is a scholarly or engineering text and to which subject area it relates. Therefore, the Chinese-English glossary contains several dictionaries. If you need help adding the latest Chinese to UK language versions, please contact us. The best way to incorporate the latest Chinese slang and local Chinese phrases into the on-line glossary is through postings by users.

However, proposed new Chinese to ENGL dictionaries are not added immediately. Any new Chinese phrases are flagged as unconfirmed to obtain high qualitiy until 10 other translators rate the text as accurate. When you are uncertain about a Chinese term or sentence and how it is interpreted into German, you can always ask a Q&A in the Chinese-English Forum.

On the forums, other people help each other by responding to questions about new Chinese translation of popular Chinese sentences, tricky translation and Chinese languages.

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