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Collins official English-Chinese dictionary online. Chinese, Pinyin or English? Looking up all Chinese words in a text? The results show the Chinese word, the pinyin representation of the word and the English definition. Optionally, you can choose to display the Chinese characters as GIF images.

inyin words should be typed without blanks, either with or without sound numbers: won3hao3 or nihaa.

inyin words should be typed without blanks, either with or without sound numbers: won3hao3 or nihaa. You can enter the ΓΌ as v instead. You can use the star * as a placeholder for zero or more characters: You can use the " " " sign to summarize your keywords:

"The minus sign - can be used to find items without a specific keyword: In order to use only Chinese signs, Mandarin pinyin or British definitions, use: c:Chinese p:pinyin e:English:'-','c:','p:' and'e:' only affect the keyword immediately after these prepositions. If used with groups, they affect the entire group they prepend.

Chinese-Englisch Dictionary

If you are ready to use this dictionary, I have provided the necessary data in a zipped archive. The Chinese/English dictionary provides a browsable user friendly environment for the CEDICT dictionary, initially compiled by Paul Denisowksi. You can perform the query in Chinese (GB, Big5 or Unicode encodings), pinyine or English.

The results show the Chinese term, the pinyine presentation of the term and the British definitions. Optionally, you can select to display the Chinese fonts as GIF images. Alternatively, you can click on the pinyine to listen to how it is spoken. A few points to note when using this dictionary: The dictionary files can be downloaded from the CEDICT website.

The dictionary is for words only. To find out what your name is in Chinese, please use the Chinese Name Tool. Wade-Giles and Yale won't work. This dictionary is not a translation. There' s no secularity in the dictionary. One way to browse the dictionary offline is to use Richard Warmington's CEL program.

In the Chinese search, you can instruct the dictionary to find records that begin with the character, end with the character, or have the character somewhere within the last one. They can also ask to give back only the Chinese records that correspond exactly to the searched term. If you are looking for pinyins, you must insert a blank between the different pinyins.

If you are looking for the term for TV, for example, you would enter "dian shift ji" or "dian4 shift4 ji1" or "dian shift4 ji" (but without the quotation marks). However, please keep in mind to enter the blank and adjust the dictionary so that it searches for pinyin and not for Chinese or English signs.

You can also get many independent records that use the term in the German definitions, but do not specify the corresponding Chinese. The results can be returned in either GB, Big5 or UTF-8 Unicode. Please use my dictionary of characters to find radicals/beats. It is possible to perform a freeze and the number of lines left in a single digit.

You can click on the symbol from the text return lists to get a listing of all words in the dictionary that begin with that one. However, this only works if the results are given back as GB, Big5 or Unicode and not as GIFs.

In case you run into a problem, please make sure you are looking for the right area. If you are looking for the German term "Computer", for example, make sure that you are looking for German and not for pinyin or char. So if you came directly to this page, please check out my other Chinese translation management software.

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