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usa Embassy in Myanmar

Jefferson Center Mandalay - American Corner Myanmar Institute of Theology. ( The only official external link through which you can apply for eVisa. Locate hotels near Embassy of the United States, Myanmar online. U.S.

EMBASSY AND CONSULAR INFORMATION. Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar, New York.

Vacancies at the Embassy

Our salary packages are highly competetive, we have a very appealing performance base and a vibrant workspace. You can find a list of the main services and bonuses for local employees under this hyperlink (PDF 22KB). To apply for one of the following jobs, please check your qualifications and send your resume by e-mail to HRORangoon@state.gov.

We only contact those who have been chosen for an appointment after the deadline. Hand in what: The DS-174 must state how you fulfil all the job vacancy criteria. Applicants who send a CV instead of the DS-174 will not be accepted. Shortlisted students will be asked to take an Englishtest at the Embassy if necessary.

United States Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar

in Myanmar: United States Embassy in Yangon is the only U.S. embassy in Myanmar. Burma in the United States: There are three agencies in Myanmar in the United States. The embassies have embassies in Washington, D.C. embassies in Los Angeles and New York. in Myanmar: United States Embassy in Yangon is the only U.S. embassy in Myanmar.

Burma in the United States: There are three agencies in Myanmar in the United States. The embassies have embassies in Washington, D.C. embassies in Los Angeles and New York. If you have any queries regarding visas and passports, please do not hesitate to ask the embassy in Yangon. Notice that the message may not be able to help.

To check the embassy's adress and opening times, please do so.

US Embassy Rangoon, Burma - RNG

Before submitting your immigration visas to the U.S. Embassy in Rangoon, Burma, please complete the following form. Once you have received your appointments, you must arrange a doctor's examination in Burma. Your results of the examination must be brought to the job interviews in a sealed cover. You' re not permitted on the embassy grounds without your doctor's report.

Please click on the links "Medical examination instructions" below to get information about the desired hospital in Burma. Before the job meeting, please arrange a doctor's examination with one of these physicians. All necessary documentation must be submitted to the embassy two week before the job meeting. Please review our interviews policy to find out more about specific measures you need to take before your application is made.

Your results of the physical exams must be brought to the job interviews in a sealed cover. You' re not permitted on the embassy grounds without your doctor's report. Any applicant for immigration visas, regardless of his or her legal retirement date, must undergo a doctor's checkup before a permit is issued. This test can only be performed by a doctor who has been approved by the US Embassy.

You are responsible for arranging a physical with the hospital below prior to your U.S. Embassy face-to-face meeting. We do not accept the results of other doctors' examinations. Doctors need the following points to fill in the form for your health examination: We' ll send you your application for a vaccination, your cover note, your identity card and a copy of your vaccination documents.

All charges for examinations, inclusive of X-ray and test charges, must be directly payable to the doctor who examines the patient. Doctors' examinations consist of a case histories, a bodily check and a breast x-ray, a gonorrhoea test and bleeding test (for candidates 15 years and older). Prepare to talk about your health record, the medicines you are taking and the treatment you are currently in.

For more information on the general health needs of U.S. migrants, click here. The US immigrating laws require that applications for immigrating visas must receive certain immunizations before a permit is issued. You can find the latest inoculation regulations for migrants here. Frequently asked questions about our health care check-up needs can also be found there.

After your check-up, you will be returned to the hospital to have your physical examined in a sealed cover. It is NOT necessary to take the x-rays to your personal business meeting. Please use the following checklist to define the points that each application must hand in to the embassy before the planned application is made.

Put these papers in an envelope and put them in the Consular Drop Box at the Embassy Sentinel. 2 colour photos of each individual who applies for a visas (5 cm x 5 cm or 2 inches x 2 inches). An additional form that you should fill out and send to the Embassy website.

Authenticated or authenticated reproductions of all of the main applicant's children's birthday documents (even if he is not present). To apply for a familiy visa: Your home country's criminal record should have been established less than a year ago, otherwise you will need to obtain a new criminal record for your job application.

Policing attestations must be issued by any municipality in Myanmar where you have been resident for six (6) month(s) or longer. Concerning employment-related visas: Please take these with you to the US Embassy on the date of your interview: One copy of your NVC cover note (does not cover diversity visas, fiancée(s), adopted or asylum seekers/refugees).

The examination is carried out in a closed cover, which is provided by the health insurance doctor. Proof of the relation between applicants and applicants for visas (e.g. photos, correspondence or e-mails). Please be willing to provide proof of your relation to your U.S. petitioners during your job interviews. Visas for some types of families and work visas became available within the monthly period in which they were planned by NVC.

It is not guaranteed that a student visas will still be available at the time of the postponed job application meeting. Before deciding to postpone your interviews, please read the Visas Bulletin with caution. In case you are not able to make your reservation, please call or e-mail the Immigration Visas Department as soon as possible.

There are certain safety measures that all U.S. Embassy in Rangoon must observe. Anyone who refuses to be checked by U.S. Embassy staff cannot access the embassy. It is forbidden to go into the U.S. Embassy if you are travelling with battery-powered or electrical equipment, large pockets or baggage, or groceries and liquids.

Please be sure to take only what is necessary for your job application to prevent delays in your arrival and those behind you. These people can escort a person applying for a visas to their interview: Candidates are allowed to have ONE translator if they do not have a good enough command of English or Myanmar to attend an interviewer.

Lawyers are not allowed to escort a client into the courtroom or to an appointment. You should be willing to settle all necessary charges to the National Visas Center on the date of your job placement. If you do not get a student visas, please be aware that the registration charge is non-refundable.

Once your visas are accepted, we will keep your identity card at the embassy while we are preparing your entry package and printing out a visas for your identity card. Usually your ID and your visas will be available for collection at the embassy the next morning after the job meeting. Only after examining the official's letter of form and questioning the person applying for a visas can a diplomatic official take a final judgment.

There''s no warranty that you'll get a visas. If you do not dispose of your home, your vehicle or your belongings, quit your employment or make any non-refundable flights or other travelling arrangement until you have obtained your immigration visas. In some cases, a member of the staff of the consulate is not in a position to make a final ruling on a request for a visit because he has to examine further documentation or because the case needs further administration.

It will contain directions on how to submit these papers to the Embassy. After the meeting, the administration process will take extra work. Please allow at least 60 working nights before enquiring about the progress of the administration. We will place your immigration visas on one page of your pass.

To ensure that there are no misspellings, please check your type. When you get x-rays during your health check, take them with you and give them to U.S. migration officials. There is no renewal and all charges are non-refundable. Before or at the same embarkation date as other members of the host families, the main application must be accompanied by a valid entry permit.

They need these paperwork (translated into English) for topics such as schooling, health services and possible nationalities. When applying for a Diversity Visas (DV), all the above mentioned guidelines are valid for you. Before you make a formal appointment for a visit, please arrange a doctor's visit and obtain the necessary documentation.

As well as the documentation included on the pre-interview checklist in this pack, computer candidates should also submit the following before the face-to-face interview: Records showing that you either have a qualified higher educational background OR two years of work practice in the last five years immediately preceding the submission of the proposal (only for the main candidate; further information is available online).

$330 Diversity Visa Applications Fee per capita in hardcopy. We advise you to check the details of your first E-DV travel before the meeting. You must have submitted your personal situation properly for your first E-DV job offer. If you did not specify a partner or child when you enter the Diversity Lottery, you will be refused a student ID and your host families' passports.

All charges made to the U.S. Administration in assistance of your U.S. citizenship are non-refundable. Failure to admit a previously borne baby or a partner with whom you were previously linked when you took part in the draw should prevent you from processing the request for a permit.

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