Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Ambassadorship of the Republic of Myanmar

Ambassadorship of the Republic of Myanmar, Oslo. Ambassadorship of the Republic of Myanmar, Islamabad. The Moovit offers you the best routes to the Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar by public transport. Homepages of Myanmar embassies abroad. MYANMAR H.

E. Ambassador Myo Tint, REPUBLIC OF THE UNION.


Thank you very much for your visit and welcome to the homepage of the Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar in Beijing. This website provides the latest information about Myanmar and its people, cultures, habits and tradition, as well as information on the tourist, economic, cultural, diplomatic and diplomatic sectors, as well as visas and tourist information.

In all sincerity, we are hoping that you will obtain a broad range of Myanmar information. Good neighbourly friendships and co-operation have developed over the years since the beginning of Myanmar-China bilateral talks in 1950. Year after year, the trading volumes between Myanmar and China are growing.

China is currently the largest international investment in Myanmar. Burma is a country full of nature and culture. The visitor can admire the wealth of heritage of the antique historic places, but also the variety of wildlife and forrests. Culture and ecotourism are becoming more and more important for international travel.

Lovely and unspoilt shores along Myanmar's coastline are an attraction for you and your loved ones.


On this page you will find useful information about Myanmar trading and investments, visa and visa support as well as the latest information. I' m very honoured and proud to be representing Myanmar in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan since the middle of 2017. All Myanmar residents living in our Consulate Justice and their legal interests and privileges will be protected in accordance with the law and regulation of the country of destination, i.e. Hong Kong and Macau SARs, People's Republic of China.

We thank you for your visit to our website and look forward to further activity on our page on Myanmar, the Consulate General of Myanmar, Hong Kong and Macau SAR.

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