Embassy of Myanmar Visa

Myanmar Visa Embassy

The fee is in addition to the non-immigrant visa application fee (MRV fee). Embassy of China in Myanmar, Yangon, Burma. Myanmar Embassy in FINLAND. If you apply for a visa at a Dutch embassy or consulate, you must pay a fee. Visas fee (TOURIST / BUSINESS / etc.

) US $.

Obtaining your visa from the London Embassy. - Myanmar Message Board

Obtaining your visa from the London Embassy. You will find the directions here: and please click here to get the registration form: Applicants can either send their applications in writing or by mail. and it was shipped to the embassy at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, the eleventh. So I sent two passport/application slips etc. in an envelope with £28 postal money order and a reply envelop.

The two passes came back together and one of the passes was placed opposite an old one, not a empty page, so they are not as picky in London as elsewhere.

Embassy of Myanmar in Switzerland

There is no embassy of Myanmar in Switzerland until 2017. Myanmar has only one Representation to the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations in Geneva. You can apply for this type of visas on-line and you will be charged the fees. You will receive the confirmation of your application by e-mail after a certain period of preparation.

There is no need to go to the embassy in Myanmar or send your pass away from home. Please click here to request a touristic visa: - You will not need a pre-arrival visas if you are crossing the Myanmar-I Thailand crossing through the Maesot Gateway or from India to Myanmar.

  • If you are a foreign national, the cost of your entry visas is different from the cost of the visas you are applying for at any embassy. Now Myanmar is opening up to you to do businesses in this land. If you are travelling for trade fairs, exhibitions or other commercial reasons, please note that you will need the necessary visas for this.

We' re happy to provide you with all the information you need about doing businesses in Myanmar, hire a translation agency or hire a vehicle.

Embassy of Myanmar in Finland

The Embassy of Myanmar in FINLAND is a communications agency between the Government of Myanmar and FINLAND. She is Myanmar's legal agent in FINLAND. Below you will find important information about the Myanmar Embassy for FINLAND and how to obtain your Myanmar visa: FINLAND nationals or resident may select one of the following three ways to obtain a Myanmar visa:

  • First, you should directly go to the Myanmar Embassy in FINLAND and request your Myanmar Visas as described above. - Second, request Myanmar e-visa for timesaving. This way, you will receive Myanmar visas before departure from FINLAND to Myanmar so that you can collect your Myanmar visas at the arrival airports.

For a better understanding of how Myanmar e-Visa works and how you can get a more secure and quicker than before.

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