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US Embassy in Burma pays tribute to female environment leader in Myanmar

The US Embassy in Burma has chosen two Burmese ladies for the first WOMA Awards to fight for the municipalities to have a say in Burma's history. Yi Yi Yi Cho and Naw Ei Ei Ei Min are among the six winning ladies who have been chosen to recognize eminent Myanmar residents who have made significant impact and sustainable contribution to their community.

They are Myanmar's members of the EIA Technical Working Group, a group of local civic organisations and policy makers working to increase the involvement of the general population in the area. In order to emphasize the significant accomplishments of these mothers and to support their work in Myanmar, the Embassy held an awards presentation at the Ambassador's Yangon residenc.

Myanmar's Female Leadership Awards recognize female leadership working for the advancement and overall enhancement of their community. Being members of the RTWG on EIA, called by the Mekong Partnership for the Environment (MPE), sponsored by USAID, Naw Ei Ei Ei Min and Yi Yi Cho were key to making this a multi-stakeholder group a key role in making it a provincial blueprint for the promotion of EIA governance and the promotion of sensible EIA involvement in the EIA in the Mekong area.

"Pseudoconsultation practices for Myanmar Environmental Impact Assessments need to be changed. Both of these mothers - one as a governor, one as an organiser of the fellowship - are at the front line in the process of reform. By working on the Regional Guidelines, which are now integrated into the Myanmar Public Participation Guidelines. Businesses following them in carrying out environmental impact assessments should make sure that adverse effects on right owners, be they wives, child, indigenous people or others, are detected and tackled.

This will result in better investments and fewer difficulties for the investor and the locals," said Vicky Bowman, head of the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business. He is the creator and head of Promotion of Indigenous and Nature Together (POINT). The POINT was established in answer to the shortage of organisations run by Indigenous Peoples (IP) who work for indigenous peoples and intellectual property in Myanmar.

Ei ei Ei Min's part in POINT facilitated the creation of a joint forum for tribal/ethnic nationalities in Myanmar on the environment and the governance of Kyrgyzstan' resources and acted as a facilitator between governments, the non-governmental community and tribal groups to achieve a positive commitment to the countries' sustainability.

Mr Yi Yi Cho is a staff officer in the Department of Conservation and Environmental Impact Assessment of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MOECAF) in Myanmar. It has been working for MOECAF since 2013 and is in charge of the conservation of natural resources and EIA-related activity, as well as the review of EIAs.

"I am a member of the RTWG on assignment for the Environmental Protection Department and am trying to support the Regional Corporation in the years to come. Appointments for this prize were made by U.S. Embassy staff and a prize selector chose the female prize winner from a group of Myanmar based girls who work on topics as varied as health, freedom and the environmen.

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