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The work for the British Council offers you the unique opportunity to gain experience and develop skills in international cultural relations. All the best to the Swiss Embassy. Stay tuned with the Myanmar embassy in Washington DC. Search each of the pages for job offers in Burma. In this case, you can click on this link to view the list of open positions in a separate window.

Our staff members have a high level of equal rights and a good work-life-ratio.

Our staff members have a high level of equal rights and a good work-life-ratio. Norway's economic sectors are technological advances and are rapidly adopting new technologies. Norway has a shallow organizational framework with high levels of visibility and good investment possibilities. For useful hints and information on how to apply, please visit nav.no.

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Has to have 2 years of professional administrative background..... Vacancies Summary: Assistant operations manager is in charge of the direct monitoring of day-to-day transportation processes,..... Every graduate or graduate in logistics At least 3 to 5 years of professional work..... For the formulation and implementation of the social, economic and.....

At least 2-3 years of service industry or similar ly fluent in Myanmar and outstanding..... Watch artists in sites that base on message from Manager Help Manager to handle members in websites Pa..... More than 3 years of professional engineering Prefer a professional engineering career.....

More than 2 years of experiences in the operation of reach stackers for..... In charge of controlling railway activity before and after the arrivals of the trains. Minimum 1-2 years harbor management expertise.....

Senior Resident Director

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) is looking for a Resident Senior Director in Burma/Myanmar to run multi-annual multimillion dollars worth of technological aid programmes financed by USAID and the UK Department for International Affairs (DfID). He is a well-qualified applicant with extensive expertise in the implementation of major democratic building programmes in Asia, particularly in relation to electoral and law enforcement issues, as well as the capacity to manage programme activity, finance and human resources in a demanding area.

S/he will be mainly stationed in Yangon, spending much of his/ her stay in Naypyidaw and the states/regions of Myanmar. Our goal is therefore to foster equality of opportunity for all candidates and NDI people. The NDI makes employability choices on the basis of organisational needs, professional needs and skills regardless of racial, colour, religion, sexuality, nationality, age, handicap, familial situation, social standing, physical characteristics, personality, military state, male or female identities or expressions, genetics, politics, education, unemployed persons, place of living or work, sources of livelihood or choices in the field of reproductionism.

In addition, NDI does not tolerate any nuisance or discriminatory treatment on the basis of these features. Appropriate arrangements are available for persons with special needs and persons with special needs who are restricted due to maternity, birth, breast-feeding or health conditions to fulfil the key roles of this role. is a not-for-profit, impartial, non-governmental organisation that has been supporting democracy in all regions of the globe for more than three decadeĀ .

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