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Video slideshow for Elite Express Myanmar bus company. No round-trip tickets can be bought at Yangon bus station. Accommodation in Inle Lake to Yangon by VIP bus - Myanmar Message Board

Hello everyone, we plan to take the night bus from Inle Lake to Yangon in the next few nights. We took the bus from Bagan to Inle Lake with JJ Express and unlike the new busses with the single TV monitors etc. in their booklets it was an older, filthy bus with a number of fractured parts like footrests and cassettes.

While this was no issue for the short day tour, we would like to use the latest best bus available for the longer night ride. The majority of Myanmar's coaches are similar. Thank you Dave.....we have JJ posted and will be updating once in Yangon. When I' m waiting and get my GH to buy this bus fare from Inle Lake to Yangon for me, it's any less expensive? right now, for a January depart date, its $19 + 4 service charge.

Have you wondered what they experienced with the Inle Lake to Yangon overnight bus?

Yangon Elite Express Bus - Bagan - foodietraveller

We asked the owners which bus to take from Yangon to Bagan, and they strongly advised Elite Express, as it is a little more costly than the other bus operators that use China or Japan used busses, but the operator only uses new coaches. On the first morning we bought our ticket at the ticket agency in Yangon.

We' ve reserved the 21:30 Elite Express bus from Yangon to Bagan for Ks 14,200 per passenger. There are no roundtrip fares available at Yangon bus terminal. You can buy your back travel pass at the reception of our Bagan hotels. The Elite Express bus fare from Bagan to Yangon was Ks 15,200.

On our way to Bago & Taukkyan we said good-bye to our adopted traveling companion Gin and took a taxi to the bus terminal Au Ming Lar to take our bus to Bagan. Elite Express bus interiors were neat and had good leg room. Every seating area also has an entertaining system that we didn't use because we were all too sleepy and chose to go through the itinerary.

All in all, the bus journey was enjoyable and I would be booking another journey with them next year. The one thing that annoyed me was that all the people had to get off at a stop. Apparently all busses stop there so that the bus drivers, guests and staff can refresh themselves (hence the free washing set) and dine.

All coaches do this, according to the flight attendant, and no one is permitted on the plane to avoid thievery. That' s okay, except that it's hard to get off the bus at 2:30 in the morning and waiting 30 mins. Arrived Bagan around 6:00 a.m. It is a good time to ask the flight attendant to bargain for you or to look for another group to join.

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