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Will you please complete the Myitsone project? Eleven Myanmar. Myanmar Rowing Federation sends sailing, canoeing and kayaking teams to the Asian Games. The Burmese Weekly Eleven can finally become Daily. Myanmar Foreign Investment coming in Myanmar - Taxation in Myanmar Weekly Eleven is a weekly newspaper published in Burma.

This is focused on general local news and some sports and international news.

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Retracted 2012-08-16. That Myanmar story is a stump.

Gov't Yangon region called on to reconsider the indictment of Eleven Medias

Burma's five press organisations have called on the Yangon government to stop the possible threats to press freedoms and to work with the Myanmar Press Council to resolve the case against the Eleven Group' CEO and editor-in-chief in accordance with press legislation.

The Myanmar Journalist Association (MJA), Myanmar Journalist Network (MJN), Myanmar Journalist Union (MJU), Myanmar Media Lawyers' Network (MNLN) and Burma News International (BNI) published the declaration on Sunday[13 November], demanding the Prime Minister of the Yangon region, U Phyo Min Thein, who lodged a grievance against the CEO of Eleven Media Group Dr.

As Htut Aung and editor-in-chief Ko Wai Phyo under Art. 66(d) of the Burmese Telecommunications Act to resolve the case in accordance with the Act on the Use of the Internet. At a November 9 news briefing, U Phyo Min Thein said: "I filed suit against Dr. Than Htut Aung and Eleven Aung and Eleven Mediagroup under Art. 66(d) for their Facebook mail.

I' m also getting ready to sue her for her paper," refers to an editorial by Dr. Than Htut Aung. A year after the 8 November survey," the leading article was published in Eleven Media on 6 November and said: "Many people whose wages are at least $2.50 are not happy with the message that a prime minister, whose month's income is only about $2,500, is wearing a Patek Philiphee timepiece valued at about $100,000".

Burma's five audio-visual organisations said that the Eleven Group' prosecution was the Chief Minister of the Yangon region under the Telecommunications Act Art. 66(d), which closed its eyes to the country's audio-visual legislation and the Yangon Regional News Committee and ended its free speech. Especially since the Yangon region of the NLD used an NLD editorial.

On November 11, Legal Aid Network issued a declaration that it was a failure to prosecute the Eleven Group under the Telecommunications Act. ElevenMediaGroup' s task is to promote communication with the general public. 3. The Yangon region should not burden them with telecommunications legislation, but it could bring legal action if necessary.

PEN Myanmar, Asian News Network and Committee to Protect Journalists have also published declarations demanding that the charge against the CEO of Eleven Media Group, Dr. Than Htut Aung, and Editor-in-Chief Ko Wai Phyo be lifted. The Eleven Media Group has declared its willingness to work with the inquiry on condition that it is a clear and equitable one.

To enable audio-visual organisations to provide ethical reports and resolve the audio-visual dispute, the audio-visual legislation and behaviour of audio-visual organisations was adopted - and the Board of Public Relations was established. Art. 66 (d) of the Telecommunications Act was adopted in 2013, and since its adoption 7 persons have been incriminated.

And during the last 7 month of the present administration, 29 cases have been indicted under Art. 66(d).

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