Elephant Camp in Myanmar

Myanmar elephant camp

Situated in the Taikkyi Township of the Yangon Division. Ideally located in the area of the Swa Forest Reserve, on the banks of Thaing Creek, this can be reached from Yangon. The Green Hill Valley is a great, if quite expensive way to spend a day in Myanmar. Investigation of the Pho Kyar Elephant Camp in Myanmar. An elephant trek at Pho Kyar Camp.

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Burma is so well equipped with a wide range of wildlife and wildlife that it is an absolute heaven for eco-tourism. The elephant's presence, together with its vitally important role in Myanmar's cultural and historical heritage, contributes to thisiversity. That' s not all, the elephant is also of great economical importance in Myanmar's woodwork.

The 1999-2000 Union of Myanmar reported 4,075 bulls during harvest. There is no doubt that the elephant is an inestimable help to the land, not only by helping the local economies, but above all by protecting the natural habitat, as it is generally recognised that hurling animals is the most ecological logger.

Casting elephants will soon be an important part of the Myanmar Times Enterprise (MTE) wood business, especially in the mountain and marsh areas of Myanmar's forest. Established in 1986, this camp is located in the Taikkyi Township of the Yangon Division.

It' easily accessible, only 90 minute drive from Yangon to Taikkyi Township. There is a large selection of game in this camp Elephant, Guar, Banteng, Barbary Stag, Barbary Pig, Haredevil, Green Peacock, Ruddy sheld Duck, Hill Mynah, Flower Parrot, Pheasant, Indian Poultry, Quail, Pigeon, Ente, Small Trees, Butterflies, Moths, Snakes, Monita lizards, Root Lizard Cameleon.

This elephant camp offers the visitor a good chance to get a brief glimpse of the studies of the countryside that go hand in hand with relaxing. During this 45-minute trip the elephant rides will allow the riders to marvel at the wonder and tranquility of the pristine wood. Sightseers can also see the elephant swimming with their mayouts.

This elephant is well cared for and has also received medicinal care for its wellbeing. In Yedashe Township of Thargara is the Pho Kyar Forest Reserve, which encompasses an area of 10 mile 2 furlong of Thargara. It has a 20 hectare area, which makes it bigger than the mighty Hay Wun Elephant Camp.

Located in the Swa Woods Reservation area, on the banks of Thailand Bay, this can be accessed from Yangon. You have to travel 10 mile all year round to get to Pho Kyar Resort from Thargarathe. As many other forestry destinations, it offers visitors great possibilities to get an idea of the different types of deciduous trees, large woods, tea tree and various other precious woodland vegetation with different lifetimes: bamboo, canes and different kinds of flower.

The tour organizer organizes elephant drives both for long and long journeys. Elephant swimming and cleaning is also possible.

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