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Discover it in the gripping third book in Elementals, The Head of Medusa. And I literally loved that book. {\a6}(Elementary #1) She is a sorceress who comes from the Grecian deities...

. but she doesn't know until she enters a new city and finds a perilous and magical and monstrous universe, of whose existence she knew nothing. As the Olympic comet blows through the skies for the first in three thousand years, Nicole and four others - among them the enigmatic villain Blake - have elementary forces.

With one old beast escaping, it's up to Nicole and the others to pursue a mysterious prophesy in good season to rescue the city.... and possibly the city. To find out that she was a sorceress was weird enough, but now Nicole has to face the fact that she has the uncommon ability to execute with just one stroke.

Nobody can know her mystery - not even Blake, with whom she had an indisputable chemical since her first move to the city. Now, Nicole, Blake and the three others must travel abroad with elementary forces to stop a string of abominable creatures they previously thought were killed and destroy the humanity.

How long will it be before Nicole is compelled to use her power to murder in front of everyone and reveal the real dark of her power? Discover it in The Blood of the Hydra and accompany the Elementals on their quest to rescue the planet - or try to do so.

USA Today's "must read" is the third book in the Elementals range that takes up the theme of the film. As Nicole Cassidy went to a new city, she found out that she was a descendent of a God. However, this was nothing in comparison to the realization that it was up to her and four others with mystical primordial forces to rescue the earth from the Titans, who would soon be returning to Earth.

Now, their relation to Blake - the Fire Elemental - is getting hot. However, she must stay concentrated because Typhon, one of the most deadly beings in story, has fled the diminishing jail worl. Join the Elementals on their quest to the end of the earth and make decisions that put their life and the whole planet at stake.

Discover it in the gripping third book in Elementals, The Director of Medusa. She' ll go to hell to rescue the one she' s in love with. Having been sold out by one of her own people, Nicole watch powerlessly as Blake is caught in Kerberos' jail-with Medusa's mind being the only element they need to prevent the Titans from standing up again.

Now, Nicole and the other Elementals must access the doorway, find Blake and return him and Medusa's skull to Earth before the lethal Typhon comes back and destroys the Earth. There is a snag - their primal forces do not work in Kerberos. Will they then make it come to life in a space where people are to loose contact with the realities, and which is full of hazardous beings who want to keep them from doing their job?

Accompany the Elementals on their quest through hell to rescue the planet.... before it's too late in their last but one book of Nicole's history. Nicole Cassidy's body was turned on its head a few month ago when she found out that she was a hag who was a descendant of the Grecian gods. You and the four other elementary wizards battled against the followers of the Titans all over the globe - and in another way - and are fighting for the human beings who like them.

Now, the Elementals must stop Typhon, the world's most perilous beast, from ascending and close the Kerberos doorway to the perilous jailbase. Prepare yourself for the breathtaking, action-packed finale to the best-selling Elementals franchise, with turns you'll never see! One of those forces is my best pal Garrett - whom I wanted to be more than a boyfriend in secret.

This is a brief narrative that is set in the Elemental World. Reading is possible before, during or after the Elementals range.

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