sspan class="mw-headline" id="Comprendre">Comprendre[edit] Elba Basan is the town in the centre of Albania. It' s main position, north-south and east-west, is the main reasons why it is sometimes called "Kurthiza e Shqipërisë" (The Belly Button of Albania). Elba Basan is an important town for travellers to Korca, Pogradec and Macedonia. Travellers from Tirana or other parts of Albania must cross the Qafe-Thana frontier via Elbasan to Macedonia.

Approximately 45 minutes drive from Tirana by coach through the semi-finished new highway, which is still under construction as in 2018. In 2012 the new highway was opened and now you can drive much quicker from Tirana to Elbasan. Taxi's are situated near the shops (delivery vans) in the centre of the town.

Elbasan Palace is located right in the centre of the city. There is a bulwark around the imposing watch turret around the city. Go for a promenade along the broad Ziegelboulevard, which leads from the city centre past one of the ramparts and the watch-house. Usually nights directly after twilight the avenue is full of many Elbasans taking a nice night out.

Folk dress, picture of the town. Bugaçe, a typical elbasian bread rolls, which cannot be found anywhere else in Albania. This is another elbasian speciality that is seldom found elsewhere in Albania. Although they are on sale in shops all over the town, the best are always the hot biscuits just made. Taste the Tavë Elbasani and other delicious specialities.

Elbasan's highest edifice, one blocks from the centre and easy to recognise, has a revolving restaurant/bar on the top level. In the town there is the Imperial Hotel and the Skampa Hotel.

Elbasan Museum

Today the old centre of the town of Elbasan is the Kala (Castle District), where you can still see the old ramparts erected on the remains of the ancient fortresses of the Romans and Byzantines by the Ottoman Mehmet II, the Ottoman king who named the town Eli-Bashan ("I put the hand").

During 2003 a restoration of the old fort was launched, which was successfully finished today and restored to its former town wall. In the fort you will see the Royal Mosque from the 15th centuries, the Orthodox Church of St Mary and the Byzantine Church from 1650.

The Ethnographic Museum, which was founded in 1982 and conserves the archeological legacy of the Elbasan homes, is also located in the centre, an 18th c. 18th c. edifice. It is not hard to reach Elbasan: the town is about an hours and 30 min from Tirana, accessible by road or coach.

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