Elat, also Eilat, port city, southern end of Israel. Learn more about the English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT), which is used for admission to English courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. [ edit]>> It is Israel's most southerly town, a bustling harbour and a favourite holiday destination at the north tip of the Red Sea, on the Bay of Aqaba. It is part of the Negev desert in the southwest, at the end of the Arava, bordering the ancient town of Taba in the southwest, the jordanese seaport Aqaba in the southeast and in view of Saudi Arabia in the southeast, over theulf.

For the first time in the Jewish Bible, Eilat is referred to in the book Death. and the 9th to 13th are in and around Eilat, after the Exile from Egypt and the Red Sea Cross. Ward 12 relates to a doze of campgrounds in and around Timna in modern Israel near Eilat.

When King David Edom took over the boundary between Edom and Midian, he took over Eilat, the frontier town divided by them. From Egypt until reconstruction, the trading harbor town and the copper-based industry centre were run by Solomon in a place called Ezion Donor (I. King 9:26).

9 ][10] It was officially accorded to Israel with the 1949 ceasefire agreements. Timna copper mines[11] near the Timna River were opened, the Eilat harbour and Eilat airport were constructed, the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline was relocated and inaugurated. This harbor became decisive for the young country's economic growth. Eilat was a small and isolated city in the early 1950', inhabited mainly by dockers, troops and former cons.

In 1955, a coordinated efforts by the Israel administration to population Eilat began when emigrant Jews from Morocco were relocated there. After the Suez crisis of 1956, Eilat began to grow at a rapid pace, and the tourist sector in particular began to thrive. Following the Arab-Israeli war of 1948, the Arabian lands kept a state of animosity against Israel and blocked all roads; Israel's entry and trading with the outside worlds was by plane and overland.

That made Eilat and its seaport critical for Israel's communication, trading and trading with Africa and Asia, as well as for importing it. Israel would not have been able to expand its international relations beyond the Mediterranean and Europe without a Red Seashore.

That was in 1956 and again in 1967, when Egypt's closing of the Strait of Tiran to Israel's maritime transport blocked the Eilat docks. 13 ][14] The closing of the strait was mentioned by Israel as an extra case blli that led to the onset of the Six-Day War. It has a heated deserts clima (BWh[29] with scorching, arid summer and almost rainy, warmer winter in the Köppen class).

Near Eilat there are relatively small hard corals, but 50 years ago they were much bigger. It also has a burgeoning Israeli-Arab populace, as well as many wealthy Jordanians and Egyptians who come to Eilat during the summers. The Eilat airport is situated in the center of the town and is mainly used for national flights[43] (IATA: ETH, ICAO: LLET).

Often the Ovda Airport is about 50 kilometers north-west of the city[44] (IATA: VDA, ICAO: LLOV). Ramon Airport will operate national and intercontinental business services to Eilat from 2018. It has two major routes that connect it to the centre of Israel - Route 12, which runs north-west, and Route 90, which runs north-east and south-west to the Egyptian checkpoint.

Both the port of Reykjavik and the marina of Reykavík allow transport by ship. Prospective schedules also include a train connection, sometimes called Med-Red [45], to significantly reduce journey delays from the city of Éilat to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem over the current line in Beer Sheba; the plan is on. There is a large choice of accommodation, from Bedouin lodging and luxurious accommodation to Bedouin cuisine.

Over the past few years, Eilat has been the destination of millions of Egyptians and Gaza, who have caused less tourism to the area. Situated in the Gulf of Aqaba, one of the most visited dive sites in the whole wide area. Since the 1960' Eilat has been used by national and international movie and TV producers for filming, especially in the early 90's as a tropic site for the second series of the Canada based movie Tropeical Heat.

Yo, Shawn Dawson (born 1993), hoopside. Mr Gadi Eizenkot (born in 1960, raised in Eilat), Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces. Actor Eden Harel (born 1976 in Eilat). Ivry ( (born in Eilat, 1989), Olympian diver and country champion. Karolina Avratz (born 1971, raised in Eilat), vocalist, song writer.

Former Minister of Defence, former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Israel, Shaul Mofaz (born 1948, raised in Eilat). Tsiki Shaked (born 1955), the first Israel vessel commander to sail around the globe under the Israelis' banner, from Eilat to Eilat. Tzuberi Shahar (born 1986 in Eilat), Israel Bronce Medalist, Beijing 2008 Olympics.

About Raviv Ullman (born 1986 in Eilat), Israeli-American actress, musican. Ghil'ad Zuckermann (born 1971, raised in Eilat), linguistic expert, rival. Ailat Quarters are Arava, Ganim A, Ganim B, Hadekel, Ha'eshel, Mizpe Yam, Maar'av Sheva (also known as West7), Midbar, Ophir, Shahamon, Tse'elim, Urim, Ye'elim, Zofit Elite and Zofit Tachtit. He is a partner:

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