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Political map of El Salvador and a satellite image of Landsat. Unless otherwise noted, the following maps have been prepared by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. This free, printable travel map of El Salvador is divided into four regions, including San Salvador, West El Salvador and the Pacific Coast.

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In 1524 the Spaniards came and the indigenous peoples defended themselves aggressive; these encroachers withdrew but came back the following year and the natives were overwhelmed by Spaniards armed weapon. In the middle of the 20th centrury the town of San Salvador was in operation and the El Salvador region was under the domination of the Kingdom of Guatemala.

In the course of the years, the Spaniards' settlement system prospered and, typical of all local settlements, the tribal people were robbed of their lands and banished to a lower level of the country through misuse and oppression. In 1821, after the fall of the King of Spain by Napoleon, El Salvador and others proclaimed their sovereignty over Spain.

Then El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua were the United Provinces of Central America, but this federal state quickly disintegrated and El Salvador became an autonomous republic in 1838. Throughout America, all the New States have undergone riots, mostly driven by lust for lands and the controlling of indigenous sources; El Salvador was no different.

Severely troubled by a 1932 coup d'├ętat, El Salvador was completely unravelled for most of the rest of the twentieth centuries; its nation was suffering from decade-long army domination, uncontrolled groups of deaths and the shedding of blood during a 12-year long civilian conflict that almost completely devastated the state. But then Hurricane Mitch came for a surprising trip in 1998; floods and mudslides were common, infrastructures were swept away, thousands of Salvadorians were killed and over 50,000 became displaced.

El Salvador, a small land, is certainly still under construction. In the last decade and on the upside, the state has taken a major step towards democratisation, national modernisation and a much better tourist sector. Which kind of government does El Salvador have? Who are the El Salvador speakers?

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