El Jadida

Al Jadida

Jadida is located on the Rabat-Safi railway line. Explore the Portuguese cistern of El Jadida in El Jadida, Morocco:

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Mazagan, Portugal's fortified city, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004 because it is considered "an excellent example of the exchange of influence between Europe and Morocco" and "an early example of the realization of renaissance ideas incorporated into Portugal's building technology".....

UNESCO has declared[3] that the most important monuments from the Portugese era are the Manueline Church of the Assumption and the water tank.... Sidi Bouzid, and in particular the neighbouring village Sidi Bouzid, is very crowded in the tourist seasons with an incoming flow of mainly tourists from Morocco. Close by is the five-star Mazagan resorts which attract the Morrocan élite and many foreigners from the Persian Gulf, Europe and beyond.

Macagan has a Gary Player landscaped course, gambling facilities, night club and restaurant. The Pullman Hotel is located between Mazagan and El Jadida and is joined by the Royal El Jadida Course, another 18-hole course. Contamination of the El Jadida beach is caused by the proximity of harbours and mills. Currently, the town' s major export products are broad leaved peas, corn, almonds, chick peas, wools, skins, wool, butter and egg.

From 2014, the town will expand, among other things through intensified activities in the neighbouring Jorf Lasfar harbour and industry area. Mazagan fortress was designed in answer to the evolution of contemporary Renaissance Artillery. Currently the fortress consists of four bastions: the Angel Bastion in the eastern part, St. Sebastian in the northern part, St. Antoine in the western part and the Holy Ghost Bastion in the southern part.

Fifth, the governor's stronghold at the front door, is in rubble after being demolished by the Portugueses in 1769. There are still a lot of Portugese guns from the time of colonialism on the fortresses. It had three gates: the Seagate, which forms a small harbour with the north-east wall, the Stiertor in the north-west wall and the Haupteingang with a twin arc in the middle of the southern wall, which was initially linked to the mainland by a draft bridge.

Under the French patronage, the moat was dug with soil and a new gateway was opened that leads to the Rua da Carreira and Seegate. El Jadida has a typical southern temperate zone. Mean sea level in El Jadida is 17.

Located in the municipality are a prestigious Swiss university, Groupe Scolaire Jean Charcot, Chouaib Doukkali University and ENCG El Jadida. Essaouira is a contemporary town ( with some of the oldest preserved Phoenician settlements in Morocco: the archeological remains of Mogador)[7] that links El Jadida from the southern side via R301.

Sidi Bouzid lies in the south-west and Azemmour in the north-east. ikimedia Commons has medias that refer to al-Jadida.

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