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The Cerrito is a town in Contra Costa County, California, USA, and belongs to the San Francisco Bay Area. According to the 2010 survey, it has 23,549 inhabitants. The Cerrito was established by the San Francisco seismic escapees of 1906. At the time of the 2000 survey, there were 23,171 persons, 10,208 homes and 5,971 homes in the town.

According to the comprehensive 2013 annual financial report, the 20 best workplaces in the town included the West Contra Costa Unified School District, the town of El Cerrito, Lucky Stores, Pastime ACE Hardware and Honda of El Cerrito. The Cerrito is situated on the east bank of San Francisco Bay.

El Cerrito's rolling hills offer vistas of the neighbouring town and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Cerrito is situated on Interstate 80 and near Interstate 580. It is less than 30 leagues from two large airfields. The Cerrito borders Albany and Kensington to the South, the Richmond annexe to the W, the Richmond Heights to the N and the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park to the Oe.

Albany is an Albany hillside village, just beyond the Cerrito River boundary. The Hayward Fault passes through El Cerrito (El Cerrito-Spanish, "the little hill" - bears his name from Albany Hill.)[Quote required]. El Cerrito is also 150 metres (490 feet) from Berkeley in the South-East. Located about 5 mile (.0 km) from the University of California Berkeley site, El Cerrito has two Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations:

The Cerrito del Norte and the Cerrito Plaza. Its main transport network includes El Cerrito Plaza and El Cerrito del Norte BART railway stops and several AC Transit-operated buses to the neighbouring towns of Albany, Berkeley and Richmond.

As well as this domestic route, El Cerrito is also serviced by AC Transit to the San Francisco Transit Terminal, from the Norte stop via Richmond, San Pablo and Pinole and one of the All Nighter trails following the Richmond-Millbrae BART line.

Frankfurt, Golden Gate Transit, Vallejo Transit, Napa VINE and WestCat offer shuttle services between del Norte railway stations and other locations in Contra Costa County and North Bay. The San Pablo Avenue extends along the entire length of El Cerrito and is the city's main trading area. The Cerrito is home to El Cerrito Plaza, a large automotive centre initially constructed in the 50s as a local centre, and the Cerrito Theatre, a renovated two-screen cinema renowned for its range of beers and wines and cuisine.

The El Cerrito urban park includes recreational and sport areas as well as unspoilt natural areas. Particularly noteworthy are the 80 hectare (320,000 m2) Hillside Natural Area Open Spaces, Huber Park (Terrace Drive), Cerrito Vista Park (Moeser Lane and Pomona Avenue) and Arlington Park (Arlington Boulevard), Tassajara Park (Tassajara Avenue and Barrett Avenue), Poinsett Park (Poinsett Avenue) and the Canyon Trail Park and Art Center (Gatto Avenue).

Situated to a 2. 6 mile (4. 2 km) section of the Ohlone Greenway (named after indigenous American ohlons people), the city is home to a track that travels the length of the city along a former railway wheel under the BART Right-of-way, which is popular with hikers, bishops and cyclists, as well as the sightless, deaf and mute populace.

It is home to Arhoolie Records, part of the Smithsonian Institution. Playland Not-At-The-Beach, a favourite theme farm open-air theatre, is also in town. In the 2010 United States Census[12], El Cerrito had 23,549 inhabitants. Inhabitants were 6,385. up to 3 persons per sq. m. (2465.6/km²). In 2010 the composition of El Cerrito was 12,543 (53. 3%) white, 6,439 (27. 3%) Asian, 1,819 (7. 7%) Afro-American, 107 (0. 5%) Indian, 37 (0. 2%) Pacific Islander, 1,079 (4. 6%) from other breeds and 1,525 (6. 5%) from two or more breeds.

A census showed that 23,456 persons (99.6% of the population) were living in homes, 48 (0.2%) in non-institutionalised group accommodation and 45 (0.2%) were institutionalised. There were 4,087 persons (17.4%) under 18 years of age, 1,281 persons (5.4%) between 18 and 24 years, 6,918 persons (29.4%) between 25 and 44 years, 7,036 persons (29.9%) between 45 and 64 years and 4,227 persons (17.9%) over 65 years.

14,474 persons (61.5% of the population) were living in condominiums and 8,982 persons (38.1%) in rented apartments. The 2000 census[13] counted 23,171 inhabitants, 10,208 homes and 5,971 homes in the town. Inhabitants were 6,356. up to 5 persons per sq. m. (2,451.1/km²).

There were 57 races in the town. Hispanics or Latinos of all races made up 93% of the people. There were 15 people in the town. Mean earnings for a budget in the town were $ 57,253 and mean earnings for a host families were $ 69,397 (these numbers had increased to $ 77,650 and $ 97,488 respectively by 2007[14]).

Per capita incomes of the town were 32,593 dollars. 7 percent of the total populace was below the minimum level of livelihoods, 7.9 percent of the under-18s and 3s. The comprehensive annual financial report of the town of El Cerrito as of 30 June 2013[16] states that the best places to work in the town:

The Cerrito is located in the West Contra Costa Unified Education Area, a neighborhood with three primary and one secondary education in the city: In El Cerrito there are also primary and secondary schools: The 1988 track "You Drive" mentioned El Cerrito in the first line.

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