Egyptian Mau

Mau, Egypt

Egyptian Mau's exotic appearance is only the beginning of the breed's magic. Gentle Egyptian Mau is a cat track star. Egyptian Mau is an elegant spotted cat that bears a striking resemblance to the cats depicted in ancient Egyptian art. The Egyptian Mau has stripes, but the breed also has natural spots. Egyptian Mau is an old cat breed, probably descended from the African wildcat.

Race profile: Mau of Egypt

Mau of Egypt's ethnicity is only the beginning of the race's magical aura. In many ways, the owner of the Mau in Egypt finds it inimitable. The majority of humans are drawn to the Mau of Egypt because of its strange and unusual outfit. This is an entertaining cat.

For most Egyptians, there are very different views about who can deal with it and when. If you look at an ancient Mau or see one out of the angle of your eyes, you should retreat through the centuries to something a little bit extravagant, a little jungles, something breathtaking and something Primitiv.

There is no image or textbook that can do credit to the tropical splendour of the gleaming greens and gleaming patches of a silvery Egyptian Mau, the ghostlike sophistication of a smoky Egyptian Mau design, or the graze of the leopards of bronzes. They are ballerina, not linebacker, and the culmination of the sporty, sophisticated but modest form is the crown of the Mau: the completely singular mind with the large, expression-strong cranberry leaf glossy red eye and nice middle-sized to large, broadly laid-eared.

Myth and secret surrounds the origin of this old and regal race. Even though the real lineage of today's Egypt Mau was darkened by times when an Egytpian Mau posed royally on a judge's desk and looked out with his vivid, lordly looks, one can imagine these beings adorning old Egypt monasteries.

It was worshiped by pharaos and kin. There is no doubt that the Egyptians worshiped the Mau as both the Lord and the Jew. Papyrus and frescos from 1550 BC show dots.

Mau is inherently "natural". "is the only pet animal that is ever mottled. Being such, these females are restricted to the colours that occur of course - silvery, bronce, smoke und blacks - as well as the diluted version of these colours - bluesilver, bluespot, bluesmoky and blues.

Though both the diluted and diluted mice cannot be displayed, they are outstanding domestic animals like all other mice. If you are looking for an Mau from Egypt, you should look for a serious grower who certainly has a number of issues to ask you to make sure that you and the Mau from Egypt are one.

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