Egeskov Castle

Castle Egeskov

The Egeskov Castle (Danish: Egeskov Slot) is located near Kværndrup, in the south of the island of Fyn, Denmark. I have always dreamed of visiting beautiful places and Egeskov is definitely one of my favorites. The Egeskov Castle is packed with sights and activities. Celebrate some of Europe's most beautiful castles and admire the beautiful & Historical Museum.

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About the castle

Egeskov Castle has been beautifully situated in the South Fyn countryside for 460 years. Egeskov was named after an old farm of the same name and is now known as the best conserved moated castle in Europe. Have a look inside Egeskov in the castle guidebook, which gives an overlook of the basement and the first one.

You can also see the timelines of all the Egeskov proprietors and the facts page, which provides intriguing detail, such as the fact that the castle has about 2,000 windows. You can visit the Titania's Palace on the first level - another good opportunity to see and experience the castle up-close.

Castle Egeskov in Denmark, a great activity for the whole familiy.

Egeskov has been situated in the South Fyn countryside for 460 years. Explore the castle and its surrounding area. This classical compilation comprises around 50 wonderfully renovated vehicles from the end of the nineteenth to the beginning of the eighties. In Egeskov we serve many different types of cuisine.

"Europe's Best Historical Backyard 2012" and "One of the 12 most beautiful backyards in the world". Enjoy the beautiful Egeskov Park. In Egeskov there is something for the whole group. Egeskov can be reached by road, rail, bus etc., you can find more information here.

Have a look at the new exhibition in the Oldtimer-Museum.

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