Eco Hotel Myanmar

Eco-Hotel Myanmar

The Laguna Lodge Eco Resort, Ngapali Beach, Myanmar, offers a natural, rustic tropical beach experience. The finest, exotic, secluded beaches in Myanmar's natural environment. The Boulder Bay Eco Resort, Myanmar, is a brand new, environmentally friendly resort in the Mergui Archipelago. For more information about the hotel and the rooms ". Incorporate a stay at Viewpoint Eco Lodge for your tailor-made holiday in Burma.

Lodge - Hotel - Laguna Lodge - Lilli `s Bar Ngapali Beach

3.3.2013 Laguna / Ngapali Beach on ARD/ZDF KIKA TV. -2013 at 13:30 ARD/ZDF KIKA TV "Look into my world " Giacomo & San Myo Htay 2 Freunde in Myanmar (Yangon // Ngapali Beach Rakhine // Delta - Twante). We wish you a good and happy holiday and thank you for the great help - taking into account the many who did not get a room at the last minute - and for working on all your proposals to make Laguna Lodge - ECO Hotel Ngapali even more popular with you and your family.

My dear acquaintances, dear visitors, sorry for inconvenience caused by a not always steady network in the countryside. In addition, the Lillis Bar and the Ollis Seafood Restaurant among Ngapali Stars are very lively every day. The Laguna Lodge Ngapali is mostly top reserved and departures to Ngapali are often put on the waiting list because so many lovely folks come and vautiful - peacefull Ngapali Beach are visiting......

As Laguna Lodge Family we welcome you even if you do not live with us, come to a Sun Set Cocktail at the best place - " Lillis Bar " and call for "Jochen, 043 42 312 " Yangon 01 501123 / 09 513 8411. Review the Facebook Laguna Lodge for the latest Facebook Laguna Lodge news, including the Myanmar update.

Myanmar's friends of holidays with the Myanmar population, good advice for those who enjoy the beaches and want to get away from the tourist villages,- at Ngapali Front Beaches - Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel Rakhine State in Myanmar you are in the right place. You' ll own the Bengal Bay, you' ll like it.

Precious guest in Myanmar, greetings from Laguna Lodge - Ngapali Beach Front, Myanmar. Between Ngapali and Yangon we are traveling very busily and not all the times linked to the Internet, so it could be that the responses come slowly but are logged. Since there has been so much enquiry in recent few week's for Laguna Lodge Ngapali as well as on-line reservation, we are a little behind schedule and would like to ask you if your Laguna Lodge reservation is safe, which room and if you have agreed to pay in advance - in the same way you will receive a 10% rebate.

We' re delighted to welcome you to Myanmar and the Myanmar tribe, and Myanmar's assistance this year is overwhelming and almost fully funded in several places. The majority of places are occupied by "block bookings" by larger travel agencies and agencies, which in the end do not all come about for different reasons.

This is true for hotels, flights and all other tourist facilities in Myanmar. At Laguna Lodge we do not want to endorse this system, not even in a fair way to the staff of Myanmar, as we know what income they will earn in addition to the normal bonus through good deal. Also to give the earliest and greatest opportunity for those who really like to come to Ngapali and possibly Laguna Lodge - ECO Resort on the shore to affirm us and both sides................

We would like to ask you if your reservation at Laguna Lodge is safe, which room you book and if you commit yourself to an advance payment - in the same way you get a 10 percent reduction. It is our sincere thanks that you see us in the best interest of our customers.

Angels Tours Co Ltd - Myanmar airfares with Air Mandalay, Air Mandalay the only airline with EASA certification - French ART 42 / 72 aircraft We are happy to make bookings, confirmation in Yangon and Ngapali Beach, we are happy to provide our passengers at Ngapali Beach Front with a seating and ticket booking services.

Airfare will then be payed in Yangon in cash and will be delivered to you upon your arrival in Myanmar. 0171 501123 / 09 513 8411 ( Ngapali 043 42 312). ou r PHILOSOPHY: " YES " - Good Laguna Lodge ECO NEWS, Ngapali Beach: -YES-air Mandalay flew Yangon-Ngapali 12 months a year.

  • yea - we will have 4 more rooms with a view to our palm garden. - THESE - we have 24 hrs of electricity from the government of Ngapali (small exemptions for a brief time). - Yes - We will also raise our solar power consumption; for tourists "CO2 foot print reductions on the beach of Ngapali".
  • YES - we will maintain our child-friendly and family-friendly services. - Yes, we have many Mooners in the Laguna Lodge. - yes - we are no ordinary hotel, but we are happy to:" come and see Myanmar's beaches - summer benefits at Laguna ECO Hotel: - The beach front will be used for all reservations when rooms are available.
  • MYANMAAR traditional west styled bath. Thank you & send a note to our annual and prospective guests: "We, like everyone else, were completely overpowered by the huge growth of Myanmar tourist traffic, including Ngapali Beach. We' re very fortunate to have been able to help so many of our Laguna visitors organise inland air travel and hotel accommodation through our 16 year old friend networking within Myanmar's young tourist sector....; At the same times we have seen a very strong growth and sponsorship of our Myanmar community - help - education and health areas in various parts of the countryside; this coupled with the very welcome growth in the number of reservations at Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel Ngapali Beach Front has given me less in Ngapali than I usually have, mainly to get forward and back as much as possible.

I did not want to neglect the many supporters we have had in Myanmar for many years, with the great help of many of our foreigners. So, many of you, including the less fortunate, have been thrown out of everyday life in Myanmar by hurricanes Nargis, Giri, etc. or by the earthquakes in Tajilake, or simply by Dr Julias & Dr Axels' educational work.

ENT, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, dentistry, orthopaedics and many more (medical professionals are invited), but also in education with powerful European partner companies to help construct more education in most of Myanmar's countryside and outlying areas for an even better trained young population. In conversation with many of our long-time visitors who return every year for a few months - they all agreed to this work.

Myanmar Women in the Up-and-coming Tourism Industry" would be delighted to show you the improvement we and she have made - let us have a cocktail and give us the enjoyment of staying firmly in Myanmar's tradition of welcoming people, with a powerful commitment to continually improving our value.

How many can browse our boards, a contemporary hotel in a global fashion, how many we are not in Ngapali,-- we are a small home on the sea business, a sense we like to live with you - Are You ready? "President Myanmar Chefs Association board member, World Chefs Without Borders Angel Travel & Tours - Laguna Lodge ECO Resort Ngapali Beach Front, You can also combine Ngapali Beaches with the old Mrauk Oo by Sittwe by air or speed boat.

Bustransfers from Yangon - Pyay - Ngapali or the south street can also be arranged. Use Angel Travels & Excursions to make this reservation on Ngapali Beach, as well as all airlines and buses to Ngapali. We specialize in small and unguided trips through Myanmar's antique towns such as Bagan or Maruk Oo, the idyllic Inle Lake with its Intha, Mandalay craft trips or the new South Rocks through Golden Rock and Moullamine.

Welcome to our lodge in the west of Myanmar, 1 flight from Yangon, 10 minutes from Ngapali airport. You' re welcome to come and indulge in this quiet place, unwind, dine with our sea food grill after a beautiful days on the beaches or have a drinks with our highly trained Myanmar chef.

Make a trip through our `picture-garden below and don't miss a call to our German offices, esserrene@aol. com or directly in Myanmar, Oliver E. Soe Thet, mm Tel.: 00951 501 123 . A Myanmar visa is easily obtained at any embassy in Myanmar, usually between 3 and 5 nights if you have a travel package with a recommendation even without it.

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