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Burmese is a collection of useful sentences in Burmese, a Burmese language spoken mainly in Burma (Myanmar). Speak Burmese in ten lessons, in ten minutes. Now, it's so easy to start. Look at this delicious and easy to make homemade chicken curry! It is so easy to use that learners on their way to the airport can start reading Easy Burmese and communicate efficiently immediately after landing!

Noodles are a simple Burmese recipe in which (tofu) chicken or pork is served cooked in tomatoes over a bed of rice noodles, sometimes with broth.

Quickly language learning Burmese; Fully Romance, Free Online Audio and English

Specially developed for beginners who have no previous experience of the Burmese culture, it is fully romanticized and focuses on conversational rather than Burmese writing. Introducing the fundamentals of speech for a small part of the costs of costly speech tools, this guide focuses on everyday practice and words.

All-in-one, Easy Burmese contains a full course and paperback dictionary: A Burmese mother-tongue writer, interpreter and writer who immigrated to the United States, Kenneth Wong is the perfect guidebook for travellers who want to speak Burmese quickly.

Burmese language courses in Burma for free enrolment

What is the best way to study Burmese? Begin with a simple and free on-line course, which you can use in your daily routine and which will be very useful to you when travelling. Making Burmese while travelling? Nothing will be more useful for you than to say a few words in the languages of those who appreciate your efforts and are certainly more helpful.

What is the best way to achieve good debate within a period of a fortnight to a whole months? We will need to be able to master the sounds that are an integral part of this speech. Burmese is a sounding (!) and agglutinating (morpheme with a certain meanings are added to the words) as well. It has three tones: high, low and high.

Those sounds differentiate words, hence their meaning. In the useful hints for acquiring Burmese pronunciations, we can point out that the letter J has almost vanished and the existence of aspirate unspoken syllables (consonant + aspiration). These are some other instances of the debate: The" W" is the English word for "what".

As in English, the pronunciation of the letter B is aspirate. In French, it is expressed as a "campagne" of characters by click on the following link:

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