Eastern Myanmar

East Myanmar

For travellers to eastern Myanmar, it is possible to experience both the beautiful Inle Lake and some of the country's most beautiful trekking tours. Provides information on the main tourist attractions and destinations in eastern Myanmar to help you plan your itinerary. We present new ion microprobe U-Pb Zirkon age data from northern Thailand and eastern Myanmar. Conflicts over land and collective action in eastern Myanmar. Are you interested in our customizable tour idea Temples, Rivers And Exploration Of Eastern Myanmar?

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Once we arrive at the beautiful Inle Sea, we must not miss the cruise around the lago. After we have been picked up from the mooring (maybe in Nyaung Shwe or in the lake), there will be a ship with our English speaker and our guides at the pier to begin our cruise today.

We start our fascinating trip to small picturesque towns on the shores of the Inle. We can take pictures of the activity of the traditionally and uniquely shaped legs around the area. We then continue to the web town of Inpaw Khon, where we can go to some of the most populated and indigenous area.

Next stop is the south part of the pond, the town of Indein, by ferry through a greenery. It is famous for its ruins of antique sixteenth -century marble tombs. Along the way we are enjoying the most noteworthy historic sites on the shores of the lakeside with several hundred little stupa above the waters.

Upon your check-in at the resort, the photographs we take and the memoirs we have made will be safely preserved in your lives.

East Myanmar: Treaded trail in 7 jours

In addition to exploring what Myanmar is best known for - scenery with stupa, gold Buddha sculptures and cruises on the tranquil Inle Lake - this off the well-trodden paths leads you to eastern Myanmar. It is home to tribal people who still live a tradition, Buddhist places shrouded in mosses and jungles that make you think you are an undaunted discoverer, and geological caves that are still used as places of cult today.

East Myanmar is also home to some of the most stunning and unforgettable places in Myanmar and is a great place to start your Myanmar exploration - or to continue where you were before. Tomorrow mornin', you go to Heho. Though only a small city, this is the gate to the Inle Lake area.

On arrival you take a small, picturesque street to Pindaya. Situated on the shore of the peaceful Botoloke site, this tranquil city offers the opportunity to attend the colourful sqare. Afterwards we will go to the Pindaya cave, which is about 200 million years old. In order to see the caverns, one has to walk past the Shwe U Min panoramas, which are thought to have been discovered in the twelfth centenary.

In Kakku you can stop at the beautiful Kakku Pagoda, which is probably one of Myanmar's greatest attractions, with more than 2,000 wonderfully adorned Stupa, which are densely crowded over an area of about one sqkm. Afterwards you drive to the picturesque town of Loikaw. You will explore Loikaw and its surrounding area in this isolated part of the land this mornings.

Then you can go to the busy Morgenmarkt and drive to Pan Pei. You will get to know the Padaung people in this ancient town. The Karen are a substrain, known for the thick collar bands they wear. The Loikaw Museum, which hosts information exhibitions about Kayah State, will be open in the afternoons.

You' re going to Khone this mornin' and stop in the Padaung towns. Once you arrive in the town of Phae Khone, take a longtail to Inle Lake to the south. First part of this trip leads to a secluded area of Lake Inle, where visitors hardly go any more, then to the town of Sagar.

Tonight we will explore Inle lake. You will get on a motorboat after having finished your morning meal and drive out onto the lakes. The tranquil water is littered with swimming flora and angling boats, with picturesque rolling countryside providing the ideal setting. On the way you will come across several towns that have been constructed on piles over the lak.

They can watch the locals, see their "floating gardens" and attend the early bird markets by the lakeside. There are also many handicraft businesses, silversmiths and pirogue shops in the surroundings of the town. Following breakfasts, take a ferry to the Pa-Oh Dorf Indein.

Afterwards you can take a pleasant walk through the hamlet before you climb to the top of a rock. It is one of the most astonishing and evocative places around the beautiful lakeside and you will be awarded with fascinating vistas of Inle and beyond. When you have free on your way back to your lodging, visit the Inthar Heritage House to find out more about the local natives' histories and cuisine.

In the early hours of the day you will take a motorboat to the small town of Khaung Daing on the western shores of the lakes. It is a traditionally Intha hamlet renowned for its spalterbs, green pepper toffu, as well as its ricecakes and roasted sausages. Eventually we return to Nyaung Shwe (where you have enough flying hours to discover the pulsating market) and then on to Heho and Yangon.

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