East Timor Weather

Weather in East Timor

The seasons in East Timor are divided: Weather and average monthly weather data for Dili, East Timor in a nice overview. East Timor, like most countries in the region, is governed by a rainy and a dry season. During the rainy season from November to May, the remaining months (June to October) are dry. Receive the Dili weather forecast.

Weather in East Timor 2018 Climate and weather in East Timor

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Timor-Leste Democratic Republic is situated in Southeast Asia and is known as East Timor. This includes the east part of the Timor Sea and the Atauro and Jaco islets. The state is part of a group of the Small Sunda Isles. It has high average yearly lowland weather (from 24? to 27?) all year round.

There are only slight variations in temp between the warmest and coolest month (up to 4?). Mean yearly mountain climate is 15?. It' generally always a hottie in East Timor. May-October is the cooler part of the year, especially on the northern coastline, with mean outside summer outside summer outside the year.

Warm part of the year (November-April), wet (northwest moon bringing humidity) with an avarage temp. between 29 ° - 35?. It is very warm in the daytime in the mountains, whereas the temperatures at nights are very low. Precipitation in the north of the isle is 500 to 1000 mm per year, in the southerly part up to 2000 mm, in the mountain ranges up to 3000 mm.

There is a risk of major losses from seismic, tsunamis and hurricanes in East Timor. There were 18 quakes in East Timor in the years 1900 - 2018. In recent years, 11 moderately strong 5.0-5.9 on the Richter axis have been recorded in East Timor. Six of the quakes were relatively low at 4.0-4.9 on the Richter range.

The last 4.5-strength quake was felt by most humans on November 9, 2017 at 11:49am. The inhabitants of East Timor noticeable vibrations and clatter.

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