East Dagon Township Map

East-Dagon Township Map

The East Dagon Township is located in the easternmost part of Yangon, Myanmar. The site shows the location of East Dagon Twp, Myanmar (Burma) on a detailed road map. East-Dagon Myothit (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location.

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East-Dagnorth Dagon. The East Dagon Township (also East Dagon Myothit; Burmese: ?????????????????????????? ????????[d??ò?? mjo?ð?? mjo?ð?? mjo?ð?? mjo?ð?? mjo?n?? ]) is situated in the most eastern part of Yangon, Myanmar. There are 54 stations and three parts of the town. Bordering Hlegu Township to the Northeast, Hlegu Township to the Northeast, and the township of the Northeast Dagon Township to the Northeast and West[2] One of the new satellites cities established in 1989 by the 1988 reign of the armed forces, East Dagon is still largely undiscovered and does not provide essential community service.

Ngamoyeik stream crosses the East Dagon Township. East Dagon Township.

The Yangon City Development Committee.

Detailled road map of the East Dagon community

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Cards of East Dagon Twp, Myanmar (Burma)

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