East Coast usa

Eastern coast usa

You can spend a few days or even a week or two exploring these exciting destinations on the East Coast. Best; USA; Mexico; Caribbean;

Central and South America; Europe. Discover the holidays in the east of the USA and discover the best time and places to visit.

1.) Forth Lauderdale, Florida

One ( (of many) things I like about the United States is how different it can be from one state to another. Throughout the years I've taken a few street tours through the United States and enjoy every chance to simply jump into a vehicle (or rail if your path leads you) to discover its expanse.

I' m already pricked to return to this area and discover more after our five day-journey. There is a completely different atmosphere and sense of belonging, which is quite astonishing if you want to experience a mixture of cool times, cultural events and a bunch of beautiful nature beauties. When you' re looking for fine arts, go to Hollywood, Florida, right next to the town.

At first glance, this magic town may seem stunning, but we can assure you that you will fell in love with its charisma and engerge. While you' ve been to New York before (and you've ticked off the common suspects), make sure you take some free and easy access to some of the more hidden places in the town, drive to Williamsburg for a great evening or some of the Hells Kitchen dining (trust me, it's not as infernal as it sounds).

Situated against the scenery of the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. Autumn is definitely a very busy seasons, especially to see the changing seasons, it looks really magic when the leafs turn to a dark reddish colour. In all seasons of the year you can explore historical places such as St. Andrew's Cathedral.

Not for nothing is it named "Charm City". One of my favorite areas was Georgetown. Learn more about the most important things to do in Wahington D.C. Miami is lively, unusual, sun-kissed and absolutely unparalleled. I am sure Portland is a delightful sea view destination that will capture your hearts!

You' re gonna enjoy this, I promise. WHEN you're looking for more challenges, there's a whole bunch of really hard mountaineering (I call you Mount Washington) where you can perspire properly and make your fill! Not only is Boston a must because of its central part in the United States' past, but because it has so much more to boast.

You can also drive to Harvard, one of the most renowned colleges in the United States. Throughout the area you will find small caf├ęs, stores and historical brickwork buildings. Oh, even if you crave a sample of the town, treat yourself to a Boston cake while you're here.

Find out more about its murky past, see places like the Witch Trial Memorial and Old Burying Point Cemetery, enjoy some quality witchcraft museum visits, take the Fame Schooner back in the past and enjoy a relaxing days in Salem Willows Park. The BEST season for a stay in Salem is of course October, when the magic moment is in full force!

If you want a delicious, fully indigenous micro-brewing adventure, come and see the Salem breweries, which offer a fairly wide selection of astonishing beer, changing almost every month. Stroll through the historic quarter, see the Wormsloe plantation, admire some stunning villas on Jones Street, drive a horse-drawn sleigh through the city, go shopping in some of Bonaventure's finest shops and antiques, or get scared on a spooky outing!

It is the only Nationalpark in New England and it is absolutely beautiful! For the adventurous, there are tonnes of walks and walks to chose from for all gym level options include the Cadillac Hill, Jordan Lake trail, Precipice trail, Thunder Hole Trail that you will like.

It is safe, no mater where you go or what you do in Acadia National Park, the view is there to dy! Situated in a beautiful historical area not too far from New York City itself (about 1. 5 to 2 hours drive).

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