E Visa Yangon

Yangon E Visa

Currently, e-visas are only valid at the three major international airports in Myanmar (Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw). Travellers queuing up at the Visa stand at Yangon International Airport. Yangon & Mandalay International Airport. Mandalay Airport, Nay Pyi Taw Airport. The arrival must be via Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw, or Mandalay Airport.

e visa

Notification - JCB cards possible! It is our pleasure to announce that the JCB Cards can be used for eVisa payments on-line. We' re looking at other ways to pay in order to accommodate a broader choice of cards for our esteemed customers. With the exception of the occupations listed in this form, it is not permitted to work with or without fees.

The petitioner shall comply with the law of the Republic of Myanmar and shall not intervene in the domestic business of the Republic of Myanmar. Actions will be taken against those who breach any provisions of the Republic of Myanmar's applicable law, regulation or regulation.

Please note that the approval is not a validated visa. Acceptance letters are effective for up to 90 workingdays from date of issuance. Visa processing fees are not refundable. Passportholders from the following states and Taiwan are entitled to request eVisa:

The eVisa Online System is currently only available to tourists for tourist purposes. Before applying, you will need the following: c) You will need your Visa, Master or American Express card to pay $50. a) The eVisa authorisation is valid for 90 working day from the date of issue.

Once it has lapsed, they will be refused admission. b ) The duration of your sojourn is ( (28) from the day of your day of your day of destination in Myanmar. c) The e-visa services are non-refundable. d ) You will get an e-mail confirmation within 1 hours after your order has been paid successfully. There are eVisas currently only available to tourists wishing to enter Myanmar.

Please contact an Embassy in your home state if you would like to submit an application for professional use, a meeting or a seminar. Guests must spend the night in listed guesthouses, pensions and resorts during their sojourn. or 8. You can only use your EVIS for one record. Reentry requires a new one.

eVisa travelers are currently only allowed to travel to Yangon International Airport, Nay Pyi Taw International Aiport and Mandalay International Airport. We' ll announce more ports of arrival in due course. If you are travelling to Myanmar on a luxury yacht charter, please check with your travel operator on arrival for a pre-arrangement visa. eVisa does not allow you to travel into Myanmar via the marina.

When you are not permitted to make the choice, you can fly back on the same plane.

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