E Visa Yangon

Yangon E Visa

Goverment wants to extend e-visa to other countries, airfields and other countries Ministry of Immigration and Population is planning to extend a recently implemented e-visa system to provide services to visitors from more lands and places in Myanmar. It is hoped that the system will further stimulate the country's fast-growing travel industry by accelerating the visa acquisition proces. After a monthlong pilgrimage, the on-line system was started on September 1, said Minister of Immigration and Population U Khin Yi at the opening ceremonies in Yangon on September 2. "Until 30 August we had 584 visa requests and 531 visa issues via the website www.myanmarevisa.

gov.mm. Some of the agents who used the services report smaller mistakes during the piloting phase.

The Department said, however, that these bugs had been fixed before the formal inauguration. Name of the traveling kids under the ages of seven should be included. Because of the increasing need for entry visa to Myanmar, travellers in some jurisdictions are often required to allow more than a months to process their application.

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism numbers show that the number of people arriving via the gate to Yangon rose by 23 per cent to 470,747 in the first six month of the year. Over 338,000 of these - almost 72 - came from Asia, of which 80,311 came from Thailand, 35,803 from China and 35,650 from Japan.

The number of people arriving in Europe was 79,767, with France, the United Kingdom and Germany being the main sources. Mr U Khin Yi said the Department hoped to increase the number of qualifying states, especially to more EU-citizens. "We' ve begun with 41 chosen destinations and the services are only available at Yangon International Airport.

Soon we plan to expand the services to Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw Airport, and other EU member states can join. In the near term, I expect the Department to include more destinations in the list," said Daw Su Su Su Su Tin, General Manager of Exotissimo Travel.

Shan Yoma's CEO U Hla Aye said that there are a number of EU member states that are not yet considered worthy of support. Mr U Khin Yi added that the Department is also considering the introduction of an e-visa for businesses in the near-term. Citizens of 51 states are entitled to obtain a visa upon arriving at Yangon International Airport.

There are 41 states whose nationals are entitled to obtain e-visa: ASEAN, Australia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Canada, the Czech Republic, Cambodia, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Kuwait, Nepal, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Passportholders from Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia are exempted from the visa requirement for visits of up to 14 nights under the reciprocity treaties concluded in recent years.

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