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Hello, I'll be in Myanmar for a week or so. I' already got an e-visa. You can apply for a Myanmar Tourist eVisa here by completing the following application form. Obtain your Myanmar tourist visa online in a few steps. Obtain Myanmar visas online without going to an embassy.

Hello, I'll be in Myanmar for a whole weekend or so. I...

Hello, I'll be in Myanmar for a whole weekend or so. Whether I need to have my prearranged departures reserved in time or whether I can make them as soon as I get there. Am I still being let into the state? Hello, It is not necessary to arrange your departures in time.

Yes, you can get in without any problems. Myanmar's only worry is that December is one of the peak seasons for the Myanmar population, as many overseas trips and foreign air fares are becoming high. It is therefore advisable to reserve your flight in advanced. Aside from this, entry into the state is possible without presentation of a flight-fare.

Come and spend your time in Myanmar!

Get a visa to Vietnam (Don't make the mistakes I made!)

People from most of the West, such as the US and the UK, can now request an e-visa for Vietnam through the country's formal gateway. With the E-visa you will receive a 30-day visa. Though I have not yet applied for an eVisa for Vietnam, the ratings I have seen are upbeat.

Also, please be aware that for some destinations visa-free trips are available for 15 nights, so please review the regulations with caution. You may need to take the "visa on arrival" path if you do not schedule far enough in advance for an e-visa. If you are from a Vietnamese nation not on the e-visa visa lists, or if you need a longer visa or are simply more complex, you must apply for the visa on your return.

Most of the remainder of this article is about my experiences with the visa on entry. I used Vietnam eVisa.org for my Vietnam visa on my arrivals and suggest it as a legal and relatively inexpensive provider of visa on your way there, so just go there and make sure you get Fast Track or VIP Fast Track when you arrive at rush hour.

There are also additional facilities such as car hire, hotels and touring. If your lodgings do not provide a pick up from Saigon International Park, please make a reservation to prevent the mad mess at Saigon International Park! One other visa processing group that is strongly advised is Vietnam Visa Online; they provide fast track online visa processing at airports, they are also quite inexpensive, and if you e-mail them, they react very quickly.

Remember that I requested my Vietnam Visa as an American, so if you have a different citizenship, it may not be necessary to get a visa for Vietnam 1. or 2. Please also be aware that the visa requirements for Americans have been changing since my last trip.

Was I supposed to get a visa upon arrival in Vietnam? Even though I used to love my Vietnamese years, I learnt some tough visa lesson. To avoid making the same errors as I did, let me first tell you about my visa status and then some of my other inaccuracies.

TO GET A VISA ON YOUR WAY TO VIETNAM IS LIKE STICKING IT IN YOUR OWN SOCKS. EXCEPT: UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY FASTRACK OR VIP FASTRACK. That' s what it's like to get a visa upon your arriving in Vietnam without having to wait for the overhaul. Mr/Madam: Do you really get a bit of sleep after a long plane ride to get a visa cancel at the destination airports?

Do you not want to stay long at the destination airfield to get a visa stamps, you want to get it as soon as possible and go to your accommodation to unwind? Not to waste your precious spare minute, especially after a long trip or other private reason. We' ll set up extra facilities to help you with your check-in at the airports and will provide you with the highest level of satisfaction.

You' re welcome as the highest of the VIPs, and you don't need a queue to collect your visa stamps at the airports, let our employees do it for you. I didn't want the snake to get the visa stamps! I don't want to sit around long to get a visa stamps!

But, no... I didn't buy the fast track. I really wish I'd already bought VIP Fast Track for my Vietnam visa upon arrival. Currently Vietnam-evisa.org charges $9. 99 for plain handling of a one months individual entrance visa for US nationals. Please be aware that you still have to transfer the $25 stamp duty at the airfield.

OK, so I got off my plane from Singapore at Ho Chi Minh Airport and me and a million older overseas walkers and a couple of tens or two Stoner in flowing trousers and flip-flops from all over the globe were all trying to get a visa at the same moment.

Luckily I had most of my information handy and got to the windows relatively quickly.... but then I found out that I didn't have this dumb paper (it's the N1 Vietnam visa form), so I had to fill it out, return it and wonder how the two boys behind the windows had everything under control.

I have been a member of Global Entry for a long period and therefore have the old label on the back of my pass, together with many general safety labels for airlines. It was a very hurtful 90 min and I really am sorry that I did not pay the additional fee for VIP Fast Track or normal Fast Track.

When I came to the luggage reclaim area, my case was one of five that sat next to our luggage reclaim area. Briefly, here are all the useful information for your Vietnam trip:

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