E Visa Myanmar Experience

Myanmar Visa Experience

Visas are certainly the first procedure to be completed if you want to travel to Burma. They can apply for their tourist visa online (eVisa) or at Myanmar embassies/consulates. Experience shows us that business is no guarantee either. You see, the inhabitants of these countries need an electronic visa. eVisa does not allow you to enter Myanmar via the seaport.

Burma Visas, Tourist Visas

MyanmarTour JSC has been working mainly off-line for over 7 years in Myanmar's tourist sector and has experience in looking after overseas and local clients, with the goal of making their holiday in Myanmar the perfect holiday season for them. With the greatest possible excitement and accountability, we offer travel parcels, accommodation, airline ticketing and visas services.

We have been developing the portal (s) together with the off-line channel (s) for 3 years to help our customer as much as possible. At this point we would like to thank our dear guests who have entrusted us with our Myanmar Visas on-line services in these years and have provided us with very kind words and testimonies on our website.

Click here for Myanmar Visas detail. Here you will find some important information about Myanmar visas that you should be aware of before applying for a Myanmar visas. For Myanmar by plane, we recommend that you use the Myanmar Visas as the fastest way to get to Myanmar.

If you are not travelling to Myanmar by plane, e.g. by coach, rail, etc., it is better to request the Myanmar Visas Codes (Myanmar Visas, or the visas that will be collected from the embassy), which require you to take the pre-approved mail (which we will send to you by e-mail) to the next Myanmar Visas Office or Chinese embassy in order to stamp your identity card.

From the Myanmar Visas page, you can go to Myanmar Visas to request your Myanmar Visas and also choose the type of visas on your request. So if you have any questions about Myanmar visas, information on visas, Myanmar fees or how to obtain a Myanmar visas on our website, please do not delay contacting us soon!

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