E Bike Bagan

A Bicycle Bagan

E-bike, also known as electronic bike, is a bike with an electric motor that is battery powered. Is it possible for two people to mount a bicycle? with the e-bike: One of the highlights of the trip

"He said, "You ever drive a motorcycle?" the man asked worriedly. "Oh, yeah," I was lying, clumsy, kicking the jerking bike. I cautiously turned back my hands with palpitations in my breast and drove across the street with a certain amount of controll. At the roadside I started racing over pot holes at a speed of two kilometers per hr.

I was overtaken by a motorcycle with a bellow and I panicked off the street.

So we chose a shuffle path and made our way to the exploration. You have to be prepared for a thoroughly unhelping leader for Bagan, because I don't know what my favorite temple is. Luckily Dave has already been writing about our times in Bagan, so I steal the name from his outpost.

Surprisingly, my favorite temple were the small ones that weren't even highlighted on the card. For me, the true pleasure in Bagan was that I had my own bikes and could stop wherever it seemed interesting. When I found out how to drive an e-bike without actually getting killed, the first morning and into the afternoons we were in the risk of losing the setting sun.

After puttingtering on the Old Bagan highway, we took a chance country lane that stretched to our lefties and followed it here. It is a beautiful place (or pagoda?), with gleaming reflexions thrown over the tile as the sundown. Then drive back to Bagan on a congested, dust laden, perforated highway without roads.

While I know it makes me feel like the most lazy, least trained traveler of all time, that was the best way to discover Bagan. Or, go to a sanctuary a hundred meters away and walk around an equally imposing sanctuary, but be the only humans there.

Or if you are really fortunate, you will find yourself in a rather beloved sanctuary, in this case Pya-tha-da, with some of the best vistas of Bagan, and succeed in planning your trip between the travel groups and having the place to yourself. I was back on my wheels and a slowly, nerve-racking drive on a sand road in quest of something softer.

We arrived in front of the Ananda Temple, one of the most beloved and best conserved places in Bagan. It' Buddha hunt now! I am a hard-core enthusiast of all South East Asia temperaments and one of my main attractions in Bagan was to see Buddhas in all possible forms and dimensions, colors and postures.

Sundown! On this occasion we searched and found Shwe-Leik-Too, a place near our guest house, which was considered relatively serene. For the remainder of our stay in Bagan we went into routine: a few hrs in the mornings by bike in a place we had randomly chosen on the menu, a few hrs in the afternoons in our guest house swimming pools and a hike to dusk in the sun.

This was the ideal way to see Bagan, and I could have spend two whole week doing just that. Overnight at the Bagan Princess Hotel and I was paying $35 a day for a simple but respectable room with a few places to eat within a mile. A relaxing bath after a marvellous early spring break was a great place to do so.

Hang on to learn more about Bagan, which includes a fender shot assay and some of my greatest events so far!

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