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Sunsail Home " About us " Archived News " March 2015 News " DVB: China to Burma: Scholarships will be applied for in 2015 and the scholarships will be paid by the scholarship holders. At the age of 53, the experienced reporter was delighted to return to Myanmar. 22 September 2015 by Thiha. However, the bigger question is what happens after 2015.

parliament passed charged by lawmaking lethargy advocates

The National League for Democracy (NLD) pledged a quick and effective overhaul of the country's old and cumbersome legal system during the 2015 electoral year. Older NLD characters, headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, referred to a series of infamous legislation that has been used for centuries to silence dissidents and gargle the media.

However, in the almost 17-month period since the NLD took over in Naypyidaw, analysts say the NLD has been responsible for making too much promises and failing to deliver enough - a sign of unexperienced legislators and a top-down executive forced by the MP. However, analysts say that the administration is still lagging behind its ambitious goals.

Although former Parliament spokesman Shwe Mann was appointed to a commission charged with examining bills for change, the overworked body has proved itself inadequate and obscure in its work. Analysts in some circles say that Parliament's failing to change important acts such as the frequently used and international condemnation of the slander provision of the Telecommunications Act is a sign of an invalid lawmaking proceeed.

"It is my understanding that the leaders of the National Liberation Front have recently focused on restructuring the economy and that the revision or repeal of old oppressive law is not at the top of their present legal agendas. It is good news that a parliamentarian discussion has begun on the now infamous[66(d)] libel law; yet it seems to mirror the pressure from the base within the National Democratic Party and not the clear political goals that emanate from its leadership," he said on 16 August, two nights before President Htin Kyaw approved some changes to the Telecommunications Act.

Shwe Mann, former President of the Union Solidarity and Democracy Partys ( "USDP"), was appointed to the European Parliament in 2016, which was welcomed by some as a highly encouraging achievement, as the leader was regarded as one of the more progressive members of the military-backed political group during Thein Sein's time. Aung San Suu Kyi, who probably helped to dramatically oust him from the USDP presidency in August 2015, should accelerate an updating of the country's legislation.

So far, in the almost 17-month term of this administration, 39 bills have reached parliament for adoption or modification. Now twenty-three of these acts are intact. The Open Myanmar Initiative (OMI), a guard dog following Parliamentary procedures, said there has been insufficient work. We don't see much advancement, so there are few rules that affect people's ordinary lives," he said.

Prospects for a list of new legislators - including many former detainees, campaigners and educationalists - were sufficient to supply a large part of the constituency with energy in 2015. However, apart from a few changes, the country's most dramatic legislation remains largely in place. For 66 (d), former Tampadipa Institute detainee and Tampadipa Institute Executive Khin Zaw Win confirms Egreteau's claim that the administration is happy with compliance with the law.

The questions concern the core of today's Myanmar democracies and civil democracies. In spite of the task of proposing reform of obsolete legislation, Shwe Mann's Assessment of Legal Affairs and Special Issues Commission works in an area separated from elective deputies and normal parliamentarian procedure, with little supervision and largely non-transparent decision-making.

However, throughout the election it was clear that Aung San Suu Kyi had and would stay the last say on all matters if her side was put in office. In some circles, commentators had been hoping that the arrival of former prisoners in parliament would lead to a long-awaited official interpretation of what a former inmate is.

There are no lack of parliamentary commissions dealing with the work of drafting and considering the law, but OMI says that the Pyithu Hluttaw Bill Committee does the lion's share of the work on the other 29 commissions of Union law - the law marked by members of parliament and the Shwe Mann Committee are taken apart.

A former spokesman, he provided a rich body of expertise by stating 172 bills in a first evaluation after his nomination to the position and another 28 in January 2017 for verification. Under the law presented to the new NLD administration for scrutiny, the 1949 law to suppress prostitution seems to have passed on Hluttaw soil.

The review of changed or adopted legislation shows a wide range of focal points. In their five-year terms of office, MEPs have tried to achieve early victories by making direct efforts to amend popular legislation. Initially in line were two Orwellian bills drafted to reverse disagreement - the District and Village Tract Administration Act and the State Emergency Act.

OMI's Htin Kyaw Aye says that the vast majority of Parliament' s committee is sitting idly and that, unlike the former regime, this regime prefers decisions behind secretive doorways rather than in the House. "In my own mind, I think that in the former regime they did not have the public's backing.

He said, "And the administration and also the parliament, they did not have the legitimate rights of the nation, the nation did not recognize the 2010 elections as free and even.

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