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DVB TV News App offers multimedia coverage of Burma/Myanmar news and current events. With the era of exile drawing to a close, DVB has announced its intention to return home. The Myanmar News Hub connects all major news sources about Myanmar. We will keep you informed about myanmar news. View DVB TV News Facebook statistics such as the number of fans, engagement rate and fan distribution by country.

25th anniversary of DVB news channel

The DVB is a non-profit multimedia organisation established in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to provide news coverage of Myanmar under the then Junior Forces. She was led by Burma expats and made TV and TV programs with the aim of spreading non-censored news and information about Myanmar. Since 1992, DVB has been broadcast programmes from its Oslo studio in Norway to Myanmar and from the Kvitsoy station in Norway via short wave FMR.

DVB extended its programme on 28 May 2005 and began broadcasting satellites in the state. Through this new endeavor, partly financed by non-governmental organisations such as the Free Voice of the Netherlands, the National Endowment for Democracy and the Freedom of Expression Foundation, the organisation said it hopes to target about ten million Myanmar's population ( what it calls the first free and autonomous Myanmar TV channel).

Following the opening of Myanmar under President Thein Sein, DVB rejoined the nation in 2012 and began to operate in Myanmar through a subsidiary with its former subterranean MJs. The DVB is one of five Myanmar based broadcasters that have been licensed for new Free To Air Digital Television Channels by the Myanmar authorities as part of Myanma Radio and Television (MRTV).

You are planning to start five new Free To-Air channels for Myanmar audiences in the next few heats.

Burmese woman cross the border

Maybe the first realization of how young ladies were subjected to discrimination every single female in the community was when she was taught to prepare food and do household chores while her mom was menses. Since then she has translated'We Should All Be Feminists' into Burmese and distributes it to local and urban communities throughout the state.

It is a management programme that educates young people about their prerogatives, encouraging them to question sexes and motivating young people to develop management qualities through sports and group workhops. Asked if anything has changed for the better for equal opportunities for young people, Aye Aye Soe, the Yangon local co-ordinator, answers that the situation has actually worsened.

As an answer, she says that some of them have less liberty than some of the youngsters, as their children are afraid that their children will be the next of them. Phyu Phyu Lin's first realization that wives were outnumbered men was when her manly female niece came into the wide open and her happy little wife and daughter were the first "true" grandchildren to be borne as a child.

Phyu Phyu Lin's first realization that wives were outnumbered men was when her manly female niece came into the wide open and her happy little wife and daughter were the first "true" grandchildren to be borne as a child. Its main objective is to involve more trafficked people in the current Burma peacemaking talks.

It calls for a women's rate of at least 30 per cent at all stages of peacemaking and safety work. Pyo Let Han, founder of feminist Rainfall journal, thinks there is a void in the literary and audiovisual worlds of leading woman. She got sick of seeing feminine readership focusing on make-up and fashions in 2012, and she chose to make Rainfall, a more women's work.

Although she had powerful feminine idols in her early years, she only became very feminist after asking workeresses about their low salaries and hard working circumstances. Published every three months, the journal reports on topics such as periods, work and plant employees, agricultural and agricultural womens, the press release industries, children's liberties and the promotion of womens development through upbringing.

It was not only men and mothers who showed up early to get a good place. StrongFlowers was established to fill a gap in sex and reproduction based healthcare literacy that is still not addressed in most Myanmar high school. They travel all over the countryside to the towns, and amazingly, most of these areas are classed with men and men.

With so many people illegally detained in her community and/or affected by land-taking problems, Hla Hla Yee ruled that she would go to justice. It established the Myanmar Juridical Clinic, one of the first juridical organizations in Burma. In spite of this advance, she is frustrated that a bill that would make specific acts of force against a woman illegally has still not been adopted in parliament.

The adoption of the law on the national prevention of acts of abuse against trafficked persons would allow trafficked persons to enter the judiciary, but until then, says Hla Hla Yee, the highest number of cases per months will still be related to household abuse, molestation and sexually assaulted people. Htar Htar, creator and president of Akhaya, a women's advocacy group focusing on ending feminine abuse and raising public understanding of the importance of sexual as well as sexual and reproductive healthcare provision, is continuing to create effective campaigning, from "flash mobs" to on-line hastaging to combat inequalities.

In the past year, Akhaya assisted in participating in the One Billion Random Action, a global effort involving 207 nations to support Strike, Dance and RISE and stop the violent events experienced by one in three (1 billion) woman. May Len Nei Cer is the founding member of Ninu Womens, a group that focuses on enhancing the empowerment of Chinese mothers.

As many other minority groups across Myanmar, Chinese wives find it hard to contest habitual and discriminatory practices against them. Recently, nuns have released a full account demanding that estate legislation that does not allow a daughter or widow to be inherited to the estate be changed. Instead, the next oldest child in the large familiy is granted a right of succession.

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