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Loss of access to its local partner in Myanmar follows the ban on Cambodian radio last August. DVB Multimedia Group is the Burmese media organisation dedicated to responsible journalism. Burmese Dvb News | View now | downloadsearch.cnet. This was mainly due to the recent arrests of journalists.

In Loikaw, the scene of the recent dispute over the statue of Aung San, police smash protest.

The DVB Multimedia Group (

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Both Aye Nai and Pyae Phone Naing, reported by the Demcratic Voice of Burma (DVB), and Thein Zaw (aka Lawi Weng), a Irrawaddy paper journalist, were detained along with four other individuals with whom they were traveling. "They must be immediately and unreservedly freed and able to return to work without delay and without anxiety.

Reporters were there to witness a celebration marking today's International Day against Drugs and Illicit Trafficking. The Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar Armed Forces has published a Facebook declaration that the group was detained for being in touch with the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA).

It is one of several ethnically based groups currently trapped in clashes with the Tatmadaw, Myanmar's North Myanmar forcibly. It is feared that the seven detainees could be indicted for the ambiguous and oppressive law on illegal associations, which is often used to indiscriminately apprehend and apprehend individuals in ethnically and conflict-ridden areas, both predominantly along Myanmar's border.

There is a danger to the area in which reporters can carry out their extremely important work as the agencies are continuing to rely on a series of dramatic legislation to shut them up, detain and lock them up and limit entry to areas where the army is active. "This is a gross effort to frighten a journalist with a army that can't even stand the slightest critic.

Fearing a review of their roles in North Myanmar, where they are charged with wart crime, the military is doing its best to prevent journalist and other monitors from entering these areas," said James Gomez. Conflicts, displacement and abuse in the north of Myanmar describe how Burmese military personnel have perpetrated tortures, forced disappointments, extra-judicial killings, random shooting at civil communities and penalties for freedom of travel and humanity.

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