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"We'll only send breaking news. The loss of access to its local partner in Myanmar follows the ban on Cambodian radio last August. Latest news and reports from Southeast Asia. United Nations investigators call for concrete measures to end human rights violations in Myanmar. Myanmar's television sector is opening up with these five content providers.

Signing of the agreement with four other channels and the Free to-air content department

Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) and five major video service operators, such as DVB Multimedia Group, today announced that they have reached an important milestone in Burma's multimedia industry by signing an end-of-week broadcasting deal for free to-air channels. Last year, the five winning broadcasters - DVB, Mizzima Group, Channel K, Fortune TV and My TV - were chosen to deliver free to-air digital contents, and those responsible said they would compete for shares of the markets to secure long-term profitability, as the country's home network will experience unparalleled opening in the coming month and years.

DVB Managing Directors Aye Chan Naing noted that the battle for shares of the markets will be fought not only for the five new stations but also for already exist. "There will be a lot of contest for shares of the markets, I think. Do Tun Tun Tun Soe, My TV Projectmanager, DVB said on Saturday that his company's programme contents will meet with a great response in view of the need to win a large public in the present day world.

"If we can present the best programmes, folks will see our station. Mizzima Media editor-in-chief Soe Myint also recognized the pressure on the markets that would shape the future of the five new stations due to their free to-air digital state. Together with the other four canals we will try to master this challenge," he said.

Among the recent broadcasters, DVB and Mizzima are planning to concentrate on breaking newscasts, while the other three will give priority to newscasts. Aung Kyaw, Fortune TV channell director, said her station would provide infotainment to the audience by using genuine contents and taking over newscasts from the privately owned on-line broadcaster MCN TV.

Using a blue print for a similar format, Channels K will take messages from the AKonThi web sites that have the same ownership as Channels K, but with the aim of preventing sensible messages. "We' ll just send priority messages. We will not send any political messages because we do not want to harm our domestic interests," said Toe Toe Toe Toe Kyaw, CEO of Canal K. Mizzima, who plans to put his station into operation by the end of February, as does DVB.

It will take the other three at least another months before they are broadcast under the terms of the Saturday arrangement. These five new stations will operate in conjunction with MRTV, drawing on the state broadcaster's broadcast network to appeal to their audience.

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