Dvb Burmese tv News today

Burmese Television News Today

Nowadays it broadcasts to Burma for two hours a day on short-wave radio. Very often DVB is referred to as the Democratic Voice of Burma (Oslo, Norway). " Today I would like to make it clear that we demand their immediate release. His main features are: - Local news about events like. The Burmese people, who until then had only access to state television.

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"There will be a lot of contest for shares of the markets, I think. "If we can present the best programmes, folks will see our station. Mizzima Media editor-in-chief Soe Myint also recognized the pressure on the markets that would shape the future of the five new stations due to their free to Air state. Together with the other four canals we will try to master this challenge," he said.

Aung Kyaw, Fortune TV Channels Managers, said her station would provide infotainment to the audience by using genuine footage and taking over news programmes from the privately owned on-line broadcaster MCN TV. Using a blue print for a similar format, Channels K will take messages from the AKonThi web sites that have the same ownership as Channels K, but with the aim of preventing sensible messages.

"We' ll just send news flash. It will take the other three at least another months before they are broadcasted under the terms of the Saturday agree. These five new stations will operate in conjunction with MRTV, drawing on the state broadcaster's distribution network to appeal to their audience.

The VOA director signs partnership agreement with a popular television station in Myanmar

Another affiliated site has been added to Voice of America's vast worldwide associate community. TV has begun broadcasting 30-minute VOA Burmese TV news and information from Monday to Friday at 22:00 Burma hour. The VOA Director Amanda Bennett participated in the formal signature of the partnership contract at the Park Royal in Yangon, Myanmar.

"DVB will work with VOA to provide better service with better programmes for the welfare of the Burmese people," said DVB Director U Aye Chan Naing. The majority of viewers are DVB's viewers in Myanmar. The Gallup/BBG poll in 2015 showed a 13.9 per cent proportion per week for DVB.

VOA's Burmese service is reaching its audiences on TV, wireless and the web by delivering precise news and information and helping the emergence of citizens. Despite relatively free access to the printed press and the Web, the Myanmar authorities still control the country's broadcasting activities by permitting only state and army television channels and a fistful of FM channels and satellite / wire distributor sites operated by friends of theirs.

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