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On Saturday they hoped that a NLD-led government would improve their lives in the state of Arakan. View today's top stories with Angus Watson. DVB: Burmese army tortured Shan civilians, says Rights Group. Today it is still one of the most remote and forgotten places on earth. They also plant landmines where people live.

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Burma Radio and TV 4, known as MRTV-4, is a state-run TV channel and sat-TV. The BBC World News Bulletin also appears..... Sinaporeapore Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Myanmar Airways .... like the 10 second website or YouTube.... Burmesi Hla Swe (Burmese: ?????, also known as Bullet Hla Swe; also known as Bullet Hla Swe; b. September 28, 1960) is a political figure from Burma who was a deputy to Amyotha Hluttaw from 2011 to 2016.

Myanmar; Netherlands (Subtitles in Dutch,... Kachin or Kachin War is one of the many clashes that Myanmar calls collective inhumane.

Ichathu (Burmese: ?????; b. July 10, 1968 in Kyaukse, Mandalay Division, Burma) is a Buddhist Myanmar Buddhist friar and the community leaders of the anti-Muslim movements in Myanmar. Parliamentary elections were conducted in Myanmar on 7 November 2010, in accordance with the new constitutional system adopted in a May 2008 referenda.

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Kachin Independence Army (Kachin: The Myanmar 2014 Human Rights Commission (Burmese: ??????? ????????? ????????????????? ???????????????) was a census held in Myanmar (Burma) from 30 March to 10 April 2014.

West Burma in conflict: Right..... between better reporting and forgetting by driving the message cycling. The Myanmar Constitution Reviewendum, 2015. Skip to navigator Skip to searching. Myanmar. Myanmar: This is part of a serial about Myanmar's policy and governance..... Myanmar External Affairs Skip to Navigate Skip to Look.

Myanmar. It is part of a serial about policy..... Burma's voice as a democracy. Vo Ko Ko Ko Gyi (Burmese: .... BBC Newscasts him as a member of the 8888 generation. On Tuesday, the political intelligence group Demographic Voice of Burma (DVB) quoted Zaw Htay, spokesperson for the Burmese administration, as saying that reporters are "treated well and healthy".

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