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We had so much fun with them today! " We wanted to make a much smaller film about the VJs and their lives," he says. So, what are you doing here today? Are the pursuit of objectivity a luxury for people living in healthy societies? Most of them are still in prison today.

Myanmar cameramen,'T', who won the Rory Peck Award for Feature with their DVB buddy, are facing a long jail term in Burma.

Myanmar cameramen,'T', who won the Rory Peck Award for Feature with their DVB buddy, are facing a long term in Djibou. Four-month imprisonment,'T' was indicted for filming without government approval under the recently enacted Electronics Act, which provides for a 10-15 year penalty.

T' works for Oslo-based Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), a nonprofit Myanmar audio-visual organisation dedicated to delivering precise and impartial information to the Myanmar population. Your messages are collected by a web of anonymized, covert journalists and camera men. DVB does not believe that T's detention was connected with his contribution to the Rory Peck Awards - "Orphans of the Myanmar Cyclone" - which he shot together with his camera man ?Z?, but as a direct consequence of his day-to-day reporting.

It is working with DVB to find out how best to help "T" and the 13 other DVB camera men detained by the Myanmar government since the Saffron Revolution in 2007.

and Myanmar Media: Previous experiences and visions for the future

Welcome to the DVB Operations and Myanmar Media: It is a remembrance of DVB's visit to Norway. The DVB is on its way from Norway to Myanmar. In addition to DVB correspondents and writers, we have celebrity reporters from other Burma owned Belarusian and Zimbabwean newspapers and exile reporters, as well as from South Africa and Southern Sudan, who can now work in their own states. They are here today to study from DVB and exchange their experience with DVB on its new way as a commercially autonomous publishing company in Burma.

Both of us are a supporting charity and run our own research and development activities. These awards are meant to promote the independence of the journalist, despite repression and economic problems, to motivate him not to be frightened by the censors and to oppose self-censorship. It has also launched a monitoring project to assess the free speech situation in Norway.

This monitoring research study examines the free speech in a multicultural societal environment, the digitisation and change of the new realities of the medium, the monitoring needs of the societal and marketing sectors and the workspace. A major post-Norwegian information and exhibit event following the July 22, 2011 terror attack will be open to the general population in the early part of 2014.

In this way, our visitors from afar - and what we are remembering here today. In 1992 we helped to set up DVB-Radios in Norway. We expanded our assistance to include journalist education in Burma in 2003. Following this, we provided significant financial backing to the company's TV projects on an yearly basis.

It has also awarded subsidies for the Burma VJ report from a closed country which was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Dokumentary Classification. We hosted a 2010 showing of the Burma's Nuclear Ambitions feature and a subsequent discussion with DVB in Oslo.

With great pleasure we were able to welcome Zarganar - comedian, movie star, stage manager and former imprisoned politician - and Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi - writer, poets, filmmaker and scriptwriter - with the help of DVB to the opening celebration of the First World Conference for artistic freedom of expression with the title "All That is Banished is Desired" in Oslo's new opera in fall 2012.

It was best called'Beauty under Pressure': about Burma's movies, poems and musicians. It was a delightful mess for us to meet the most dedicated group of writers and reporters working on different types of different communication platform in the middle of un-opened speakers sent from Norway. Once again we were well aware of the aspirations and issues at work in Burma.

There was also a very revealing afternoon with Zarganar, other performers and other writers, not to mention an enthusiastic group of very young reporters who inspired us with enthusiasm and willingness. Over the years, I think these words summarise DVB's efforts: tough work and a unique multimedia adventur.

Burma's small broadcasting company Demodratic Voice of Burma, initially a rather propagandistic opponent, has evolved into a multi-media organisation. As a World War II scholar, it was also a journey back into Burma's past. Let me reiterate - an appreciation of the need for assistance.... - hopefully you will get the point.

With the help of DVB employees, you have established an autonomous flag ship in the Myanmar audio-visual world.

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